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[Aberrant] Questions about Skill Trick and Defense.

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  • [Aberrant] Questions about Skill Trick and Defense.

    Question about Defense in Aberrant. I’m working with a player to build his PC for a game I’m running he has created a new skill trick.
    Evading dash. – Athletics add to defense when attempting evade an attack. He says that since a Skill trick can add dice to roll under specific circumstances that adding 4 (his athletics) to is defense is correct.

    I’m not sure because defense states “A character’s standard Defense is 1 which sets the Difficulty of the attacker’s roll. A character can defend to increase the Difficulty an attack must overcome to success*fully hit its target. The player may roll the most appropriate Reslience Attribute without any Skills and use successes on this roll to purchase Defensive Stunts.”

    “A Skill Trick can add dice to a roll under specif*ic circumstances. The number of dice added will usually be equal to the Skill that the Trick is as*sociated with.”
    I just want to know If it’s a correct way to use a Skill trick considering the defense roll mentions with out skills in it’s description.

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    For certain, it should cost a momentum to use. I would then add the Athletics dice to the Resilience dice for the character's defense roll that round.


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      I agree with Florin, that is exaclty how I'd run that at my table. I think letting it add directly to the base defense is too powerful for a skill trick, because it is too certain. This looks a lot like the Integrity skill trick Meditative Stance which costs a Momentum and adds a character's Intergrity dots as dice to the reflective Resilience roll.


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        Spend Momentum and add *dice*, yes. Not auto successes. Adding Athletics of 4 should on average net 1 extra success for defense.

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