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[Aberrant] Interaction of M-Stam and Hardy

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  • [Aberrant] Interaction of M-Stam and Hardy

    So, M-Stam divides healing times rating+1 times, and hardy makes a character heal twice as fast. So if a character has M-Stam 3 and Hardy should she heal (option 1) 5 times faster (4 for M-Stam + 1 more for Hardy, or (option 2) 8 times faster (M-Stam's 4 times doubled)? My gut says option 1, but I am interested in how other people are running it.

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    I'd say option 2, because it feels cooler. Honestly, you're looking at the difference between 9.6 hours to heal a Bruised injury condition vs. 6 hours. For Maimed, it's the difference between 4.2 days vs. 2.65 days. Is that 1.55 days going to hurt your game at all?


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      I go on option 2 (multiplying fractions). The wording is basically divide the time and multiply the speed, so I guess it’s all about multiplication.

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