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[Æon] Telepathy questions

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  • [Æon] Telepathy questions

    A couple questions that I couldn't find any previous discussion on with a search:

    1) Psychbending lvl. 3, Rewrite, mentions that it can "even grant or remove certain Edges". However, the table for the power does not state any cost for Edges or the restrictions, only removing a skill Trick or Specialty. Would Edges just have to 1-make sense for Rewrite and 2- cost the Edge cost in successes?

    2) When using a Psi Power on a subject, the Noetic Connection plays a big role in targeting and modifiers ranging from +1 Enhancement to +3 Difficulty. When using a power like Rewrite, where you can also choose to target yourself (and boost Attributes or other skills), would a psion gain +1 Enhancement like they would get for someone in their telepathic Network? If not, why not? Wouldn't psions always gain this bonus on affecting themselves since it doesn't get any more familiar of a target?

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    For #1, I'd say yes, the edges have to make sense. Mental edges are the most likely ones to fit the bill, but obviously Library wouldn't. The cost of 1 success per edge dot looks about right, comparing the xp cost of that to a skill trick or specialty.


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      Thanks, Florin!

      Any of you rules buffs care to weigh in on #2?

      Seems like a significant grey area to me. My takeaway would be that ANY Psi power targeting yourself gets a +1 enhancement from the way it's written.

      What do you all think?


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        I think it's fine. A single enhancement isn't going to break anything. I could see a "draw your face without a mirror" argument against getting a bonus, but I usually error on giving players the benefit.


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          You don’t get the Enhancement for targeting yourself, no.

          If you want an in-universe reason for it - when in a Network you reveal the inner thoughts of others, seeing through their own everyday filters. You don’t see through your own filters, insecurities, biases, hopes, and failures, as they’re all part of you making the effect.

          Or put it another way - it’s easier for surgeon to operate on a patient other than themselves because all that distracting pain and sensation doesn’t get in the way.

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            And that's the "draw your own face without a mirror" argument. It's easier to draw the face of someone you've just met but are looking at than your own face, even if you see your face multiple times a day in the mirror.