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[TC/Aeon] Super-Science Question/Confusion, re: Enhancements

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  • [TC/Aeon] Super-Science Question/Confusion, re: Enhancements

    So I've been trying to work out Talent-level super-science crafting with the additional Aeon enhancements (Talents in the Aeon period), and am a bit stumped on something. The TC super-science chart says a Rank 2 Artifact can provide a max of 3 Enhancement. But, it doesn't specify if this stacks with, or is the total cap of, a given device.

    Example: I want to craft an Artifact energy rifle. Assuming a character with no Wealth rating, they have up to 4 Tag points to build the base weapon. Through a mix of Obvious (0), Charge (1), Heavy Weapon (1), they get a total +5 Enhancement to apply towards Injury Conditions (+1 Obvious, +1 Charge, +3 from Scale increase [2] + inherent bonus [1] from Heavy Weapon), and Ranged (because of course).

    Would an Artifact version of this weapon:

    - Exceed the supplied limit of 3 Enhancement for a Rank 2 device
    - Have additional Enhancements to apply to something attack-related (to-hit or injury), up to 3 total
    - Something else I'm missing maybe(?)

    I want to be sure I understand this system before introducing it to players in my local session, so there's minimal confusion and/or retconning either over- or under-powered trinkets.

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    First of all, I want to say that the Super Science rules are the most confusing part of the book, and what I understand does not means it’s what it was intended. Following the examples in TC and in Aberrant I understand the rules are as follows:

    You don’t stack what you can buy with what you can build. It means the wealth has no impact in the Artifact.

    A Rank 1 item will have Enhancement 2 and up to 1 tag.
    A Rank 2 item will have Enhancement 3 and up to 2 tags.
    A rank 3 item will have enhancement 1 to 4 and up to 3 tags.
    A rank 4 item will have enhancemnt 1 to 5 and up to 4 tags.
    And a rank 5 item will have enhancement 1 to 6 and up to 5 tags.

    It means the 3 tags you picked up (Obvious 0, Charge 1, Heavy Weapon 1, Ranged 1) would make it a rank 3 item, and as a rank 3, the enhancement would be 4, as you have no Edge or Gift.

    The 4e, you add 1 from Obvious, 1 from Charge and 1 from Heavy Weapon that can only be used to cause injury, and increase the scale of the damage by 1 (from Heavy weapon), to a total of 5 e extra enhancement that can go only on cause injury and Critical.

    Your Artifact version is a massive anti tank cannon, 4 enhancements + 5 to cause damage.
    The “mundane” version, would be weaker, 1 enhancement and +5 to cause damage, as it would lose the enhancements of super science.

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      Okay so did another hard re-read of this, and I think what the crafting rules seem to suggest, is that a super-science weapon would essentially be the same as its mundane counterpart in terms of applicable tags (1 at 1 Wealth [mundane] or Rank [crafted], 2 at 2, etc). Where it seems to deviate is Maximum Enhancements (+1 per Rank; vs flat 1 at Wealth [any]), and the ability to slap Edges onto it.

      So basically redoing the above weapon example as a Rank 2 would limit it to adding Ranged 1, and 1 other Tag's worth of benefit (we'll say Heavy Weapon in this example), and Obvious if we want to pull from AEon. This would give it +4 Enhancement towards Injury Conditions. If we want to get squirrelly, a Rank 2 can add up to 3 dots of M/P/S Edges, so we could theoretically toss Keen Sense: Sight on there to mimic something like advanced holo-sights, giving +1 base Enhancement.

      Where it seems to go sideways is Maximum Enhancement - does that mean just the flat base Enhancement of the item, or the most it can get from any source, including Tags and/or Edges? If the former, it'd make sense to be a Super-Science item, since it'd be more effective/powerful/whatever than its mundane counterpart, but if the latter, than the mundane version of the weapon would be inarguably superior, even absent the Edge slapped on, since it wouldn't be capped at max 3 Enhancement of any type, only by the applied tags.
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