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[Aberrant] Speedsters in Combat

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  • [Aberrant] Speedsters in Combat

    I know characters with Mega-Dexterity add it to their Initiative rating along with their baseline Dexterity and Wits, but what about for general To-Hit combat rolls (i.e Dexterity + Brawl and/or Dexterity + Melee)? The book doesn't explicitly say so or reference it outside of Initiative, but are Novas with Mega-Dexterity allowed to apply it to their attacks?

    Also should things like Enhanced Movement or Hyper Movement (such as Hyper-Running primarily) aide in attack rolls aswell? I'm aware they aide in your movement rate in combat, but can they also give bonuses with To-Hit rolls (personally I think that's OP, but I want to know if its possible).

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    No to both. Mega-Dex can reduce Complications or Difficulty on attack rolls using Dex, but doesn’t add.

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      No. But you can add powers to do that.

      Aberrant system is Effect Based, what means when you buy one power you are buying the effects you want. You don’t buy super speed, you buy running fast, than dodging fast, than attacking fast, than running over water, etc, each one as a diferente effect of you Super Speed.

      My suggestion is to create a “Super speed Power Suite” and add everything that is not a Mega Edge to that suite, for example adding quantum attack to make a infinite mass punch, or adding reduced density to vibrate out of phase, or teleport to show you are REALLY fast. That is the cheapest way to do so.

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        Most speedster combat abilities are mega-edges. Accuracy gives you a bonus to hit, Defense makes you harder to hit, Instant Expert is the speed-reading to learn something quickly ability, Mega-Speed gives you super speed, Quickness lets you complete a task super quickly, Rapid Strike lets you hit one target multiple time for more damage or multiple targets within reach all at once, and Regeneration heals you quickly. If you want to get into creating sonic booms to stun everyone in the area or shooting lightening out of your hands by rubbing them together quickly, then you'll want to dip into the quantum powers as Mateus says.