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At what Scale difference do you dictate the outcome/you no longer affect something?

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  • At what Scale difference do you dictate the outcome/you no longer affect something?

    The rules in Aberrant and Trinity Core appear contradictory, and I’m hoping someone can clarify the intent.

    Aberrant p.163 - ‘When comparing Scale of any kind, the entity with more than three Scale levels dictates the results
    of the conflict.’

    Aberrant p. 98 - Gift - The Bigger They Are - ‘...and ignore the rule that says you have no effect against an opponent with
    a Scale difference of 3 or greater.’

    Trinity Core p. 112 - ‘When facing opponents (including objects such as vehicles) of a greater Scale in power or durability,
    a character can only deal damage to a target no greater than three Scale above her.’

    Trinity Core p. 112 (from same paragraph as above sentence) - ‘In the case where there is an encounter between individuals of differing Scale, the entity with three or more Scale above the other dictates the results of the conflict.’

    The first and third entries state that there must be ‘more than three’ levels of difference in Scale, while the second and fourth state that there must be ‘three or more’ levels of difference.

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    The general interpretation around here used to be more than 3, but honestly 3+ is already a lot, it’s 6 successes or +6 in difficulty, so I go with the 3+ is overwhelming.

    House Rules - The Basics - House Rules for Trinity Continuum
    Fists of Flux - Inspired and Powered Martial Arts for Talents
    Tomes of Inspiration - Rituals and Dark Magic in Fists of Flux


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      Thanks for the response. My interpretation was that the intent was likely more than three as well, although my preference would be for three or more.


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        I personally treat 3 as a bit more contextual, where 4 is right out. Basically, for me, 3 goes to the higher Scaled character in a direct opposition. You're never going to win an arm-wrestling match like that (even at a 2 difference you need to be exceptionally lucky anyway). However I allow 3 to be contested if done sideways/laterally in a fashion that justify giving it a shot. Very few characters are capable of taking on the Juggernaut in a straight up brawl, but he gets beaten by the X-Men fairly frequently because they know they have to come at him cleverly.

        This approach also very much encourages the players to come up with complication stunts to lay on someone significantly stronger than them. This both makes sense in the narrative that they're trying to work around such disparate power, and mechanically it means they're reducing the issue of trying to deal with 6 enhancements by giving their foe Complications to spend those successes on.