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  • Space Colony Campaign Plot

    Hello there so I recently got back into a scifi mood with a focus on space colonization as a major theme. As part of that I was thinking of a layout for the initial campaign arc and wanted some feedback and such.

    The basic premise is that humanity is interplanetary - colonies on Venus, the Moon, Mars, and Ceres in the asteroid belt. Due to the discovery of something mysterious on Mars a plan was hatched to fund the first extrasolar colony mission via the first interstellar vessel - the Arkship Olympia. The basic plan was that it was going to use its hyper but not FTL engines to reach a nearby star in 88 years rather than centuries, meaning that its crew rotate and its colonists stay in suspension. The basic plot is that less than a year of travel it comes upon an instability in the fabric of space which interacts with its specialized engines leading to it entering into the as-yet theoretical realm of Hyperspace. The ship will travel for some time - say fifty or so years - before running into a similar instability that leads the ship returning to realspace some 60,000 light years from Earth near the galactic core. It arrived at a stable gravity point in a seven star solar system near to the Red Moon, a planet three times the size of Earth covered entirely by the remnants and ruins of ancient multi-kilometer tall cityscape. After preliminary scans of the system reveal the general makeup of the system the ship heads towards the center star and what is called the Nexus Region - a supermassive gas giant with scores of moons, twelve of which are earthlike in habitability. It will be upon three of the habitable moons that the people will initially settle, before eventually expanding over the whole of the grand system's 27 fully habitable worlds.

    With that out of the way my plan is that the player characters will represent a team of agents for the central command of the operation - with their mentor being the Governor-General of the operation.

    My thinking is that the first mission will take place before launch, a second mission around the instability, a third mission around arrival, a forth to maybe explore the Red Moon a bit, and then a fifth to aid in scouting the potential colony sites. I'm not against the idea that between the second and third (and maybe between the first and second, though that might not be necessary) the group go under cryo since there is no reason to keep them awake when nothing is going on for a looooong time.

    The first mission could be something murder mystery like, that or trying to figure out and stop some suspected sabotage on the mission. The second mission could be to help stabilize the ship as it it the anomaly and is racketing through Hyperspace.

    The third could be them being woken up by the Governor-General after the ship begins slowing down and so they need to do something to help the ship get back into real space - though I'm not sure why them and not say engineers, so some thoughts on this could be helpful.

    The forth mission, them exploring the Red Moon, makes a lot of sense if by this point they are among the few directly trusted by the Governor-General. As would them being the ones assigned to explore the chosen colony sites.

    When it comes to 'powers' I am not sure if I am going the Talent/Inspired or Psion/Psiad route - though I could see that the mysterious find on Mars leading to the development of Inspired abilities and such. (No Novas though, at least not among the players as that is a power level I am not planning on using for this campaign.)

    Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone might read this and get some ideas and such. This is, as a note, less a 'I have players and am running a game' and more 'I am getting back into a creative mood and would love to design stuff' focus. hehe

    But yeah, any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, or whatnot would be much appreciated.



    Not sure I want to do it but...

    So an idea I just had was that at some point after the initial set of missions the team discover some sort of mysterious Gate that, when travelled through, leads them to say a few hundred years into the future. They come out in the room filled with personnel who have been waiting for them. They are then escorted to the office of the ruler of the system (his title can be President, King, Emperor, not sure) who is the same man that was the Governor-General and of the Project when it first started. They learn that there contemporizes are occupied elsewhere and that they still work for him - though its for a lot less missions now then it was in their 'youth'.

    This allows our players to be part of both the set up of the system and also see it after its reached a somewhat mature state.

    Other time periods may also be unlocked if the players find certain mysterious chrono crystals or something.

    Anyway, like I said, not sure if I would use this, but its an idea that came to me and I figured I might as well share.
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