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Multi-Order PCs or single Order?

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  • Multi-Order PCs or single Order?

    Out of curiosity do people have PCs from several Orders or a single Order in their Aeon games? Any thoughts on either approach for a campaign?

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    Note that in TC, the Orders have been recast so that they're not one Aptitude each, and are instead representative more of various story genres. As such, I tend to prefer single-Order play, with multi-Order games being more a matter of “genre crossover”.


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      In original Trinity there was no lock in order x aptitude, it just was not clear at anywhere it was ok.

      Back to original question, I think I had never had a single order campaign. Actually I think most of my Psions were connected to Aeon and/or were freelancers/mercs.

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        Whether single or multi psi orders depends entirely on the story/campaign you’re telling. For most games multi-order works fine, and adds some drama with different expectations on different characters. Exploring space, Earth-based disaster relief, investigating major threats - all work with mixed groups.

        However, some games lend themselves more to one order. If you’re telling the story of a group of Orgotek troubleshooters around the galaxy, you probably want all Orgotek. Similar if your game has the characters investigating possible moles operating inside secret Norca bases - there’s probably not much room for non-Norca in those.

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          I think either approach could work depending on what kinda story you want to RP.

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            I would say multi-aptitude always but single or multi-order as needed based on the general dynamics of the campaign. Psions as a member of a single order makes more sense if the campaign is based on events a single order would focus on (so a campaign about the tp order probably works well as a single order campaign) but a campaign focused on Aeon makes sense with members who are of different orders.


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              As has been stated prior, single Order is easy to include multiple Aptitudes and helps to organize the party. "You all belong to Norca and so are being sent on missions as ordered." and when you go multiple Orders, then it is difficult to figure out why they are all together unless you choose to go ahead and make them all as members of a ship or something. And also, multiple Orders could mean that there are cross purposes by characters. Say your Ministry player is told to sabotage something at Orgotek? Then your EK may get a bit miffed.


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                An ongoing mission can keep a multi Order group together. Example, a Peacekeeping force on a newly rediscovered world. Psions from every group could logically be assigned to the mission..


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                  The game I ran was all Legion members except for a Freelance psion. That worked well, but I would have been happy to have a more diverse group. However, this was the setup the group wanted.


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                    As stated in some answers above, it all depends on which type of game you're going to run. Each order favors a particular type of theme which sometimes can create friction between characters (and great role-playing opportunities), while you can run pretty much any kind of adventure with the AEON society. That said, there are two scenarios in which it's pretty easy to have psions from different orders working together: fighting aberrants and space exploration. I recently ran an adventure that led a group of psions from the legion, orgotek, esculapian order, and the ministry to conduct field research in the scar in Paris. In the end I don't have a preference for one or the other, I just talk it with my players about the challenges of each type of game and reach an agreement.