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[Aberrant] Chrysalis, Dormancy, Flux, and Transcendance

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  • [Aberrant] Chrysalis, Dormancy, Flux, and Transcendance

    I really like the systems for dealing with flux and transcendence. It really opens up options for story and character development. I had an idea for a character who had dormancy and chrysalis but didn't take unnecessary transcendence, and would when training and experimenting with her abilities would build up flux to put herself in chrysalis to improve her powers and also tweak her character and control her transformations. which chrysalis allows you to do then pay the 2xp to get rid a point of flux and avoid gaining additional transcendence. She would this to better understand flux and transcendence to see how they work and also try to gain greater control and knowledge over them.

    This could lead her in multiple paths in the story in her quest to learn more about the nature of her powers, self and the nature of the universe. Which could lead her to discover psiads and psi or talents and flux. How it goes from there I haven't got to yet.

    What is everyone else take on chrysalis, dormancy and all the different societies and there approaches/views to novas, quantum flux and transcendance? How do you think some of these groups would react to my character (teragen, daedalus, utopia, etc)?

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    Be careful with buying off flux with XP. 2XP per point of flux is sort of a lot (and it will often still leave you at 9 flux, so close to the new level of transcendence). I like the character concept, but worry they won't advance and just burn all XP on flux etc. Depending on how your group plays chrysalis you may be taking your character out of part/all of some sessions as well.

    Utopia would probably be pretty wary, teragen would be all for it. The rest probably pretty indifferent. Might not make a good elite though.


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      I was mostly planning to use downtime for the periods she is in chrysalis, also good excuse the story guide can use if I can't make it to a session. As for the xp cost for flux I've trying to come with ways to work it into to my character like she only does deep chrysalis rarely or do most of the times she does chrysalis are for the character story not for mechanical benefit. As for flux 9 afterwards was planning for her to self reflect afterwards on what she learns maybe dorm down so she ground the rest of the flux until she decides to go into chrysalis again. I would have to clear everything with the story guide to see if it would work.

      one idea I have for what she would discover is being more resistant to others messing with or trying to give her flux. (That high level transformation that gives anyone nearby flux is scary).

      If the story stays Canon I was planning on her leaving earth before the aberrant war maybe joining Eden faction doing her own thing so she would still around in a son time. Because when you think about it it's not hard for and aberrant era nova to reach mega stamina 6 and stop aging. Hell you would only need quantum 6 and with how I see her managing her flux and transcendence she would only be at transcendence 3 and still have no transformations.

      Her view is unnecessary transcendence or transformations for quick power is lazy, or to have them just prove your not human or more nova than others is short sighted and foolish.


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        If you are constantly trying to burn off flux, you will be playing most of the time at 1/2 capacity or completely dormed down (unless the story guide just lets you burn off a bunch in down time and there are long periods in game between each session). This could be quite the hindrance.


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          2xp is very little. The Teregen might consider the character a bit of poser.


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            I think that this would be a good teragen character.
            Probably she would be on good terms with Count Orzaiz, Narcosis or The Apostle and on bad terms with Geryon, Leviathan and some others.


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              yeah, 2xp isn't much, but if you want to go from 10-0 flux it is 20 XP. constantly playing at half capacity or dormed down does not sound like a lot of fun for the player or group (unless the whole group is doing this). I like the concept, but it may be better suited to an NPC


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                If you are looking at Chrysalis your character needs to subscribe to the Teragen philosophy in some part. Its key to the process I’ve always felt. it would also mean you are Yeragen at least on part and gave the path. If you avoid Transcendence and transformations altogether though they might think you a bit of a poser. Chrysalis is the best way to avoid excess flux.


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                  You don't have to go all the way down from 10 to 0; I can easily imagine a Teragen PC who wants to avoid unpredictable transformations aiming to keep their flux in the middle of the range - not so far down that they can't push a little further and attain Chrysalis, but not so much that they're in danger of accidental transcendence and transformation.


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                    Remember 10XP is a dot in an attribute, 12 XP is a dot in a quantum power/mega attribute/mega edge/power tag. Even 2xp is a dot in a path edge. Cool concept just consider the opportunity cost of these things (both in XP spent elsewhere and in playing at 1/2 power or dormed down to bleed off flux that way).