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[Aberrant] Feats of mega strength

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  • Aeonstorm
    started a topic [Aberrant] Feats of mega strength

    [Aberrant] Feats of mega strength

    What feats can be accomplished with different levels of mega strength drawing from the scale chart and what your own opinions are. What novas can do with mega strength can be a bit hard to pin down when just looking at the scale chart, so if everyone could provide some examples of feats at different levels of mega strength that would be great.

  • Mateus Luz
    Mega Might 1: Lift a car, throw a person about 10 meters.
    Mega Might 2: Lift a Tank, throw a car a 100 meters away
    Mega Might 3: Lift a Ship, use a tank to hit a flying plane
    Mega Might 4: Lift a Aircraft Carrier, launch a ship in in the middle is USA from the ocean (any of them)
    Mega Might 5: Lift a small island, put a aircraft carrier in Earth’s orbit
    Mega Might 6: Lift an European Country (except Russia), launch a small island to outside Earths Orbit.
    Mega Might 7: Lift lift a continent (or a continent sized country), open a hole in Earth with punch (deep enough to cause extinction event)
    Mega Might 8: Move Earth out of orbit (if you can use any support), rip earth apart with a punch.
    Mega Might 9: Take the sun out of the solar system (that’s can be hard to do with bare muscles, as the sun is not really solid, and it’s really hot even for novas)

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