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What new paths, edges, and powers etc. have you created for your games?

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  • Archasimos
    I've written up a new weapon tag for archaic weapons, and some stuff for the Aberrant drug mite (used the Mite Bruiser stats as a guideline), but that may need to be revisited, and I'm working on writeups for Mox, Adrenocilin, and Soma.

    I've also written up a few sample weapons and vehicles for the Aberrant game I'm in, but I used the Aeon rules for weapon and vehicle tags, as I saw that recommended by a number of people. Not sure if anyone would be interested in those or not and I still need to review them to make sure my numbers are correct.

    Archaic (-1 to -3)
    This weapon is archaic in comparison to current modern day weapons. As such, targets wearing armor treat their Soft Armor as one point higher per point that the weapon has of the Archaic tag.


    Cost: Wealth 1

    Effect: A dose of Mite grants Baseline users Quantum 2 and Mega-Might 2 along with one of the following Mega-Edges (chosen by the Storyguide) Mega-Crush, Mega-Lifting, Quantum Leap, Shockwave, Thunderclap. Once chosen, future doses always grant that character the same Mega-Edge.

    Duration: 6 hours

    Additional Doses: Additional doses taken before the prior doses have worn off increase the character's Mega-Might to 3 (except for extending the duration, no additional benefits are gained beyond this no matter how many doses the character takes). Taking even a single extra dose before the first has worn off causes the character to suffer an Overdose.

    Addiction: Taking even a single dose of Mite requires the character roll Resolve + Integrity with a difficulty equal to twice the number of consecutive doses taken or gain an 2 point Addicted Complication.

    Overdose: The character must roll Stamina + Athletics with a difficulty equal to twice the number of consecutive doses taken or suffer an Injury Condition with the Aggravated and Deadly tags. Taking another dose of Mite before they've healed this Injury Condition immediately causes them to suffer another Overdose and uses their previous difficulty +2.

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  • Shepherdboi
    While the Life of Privilege Path is fairly good, it seems more geared towards people who are both wealthy and expected to excel because of the opportunities provided by their wealth.
    What about playing a character among the idle rich?

    ORIGIN PATH: Trust Fund Baby
    Example Connections: Fashion Designers, Gossip Columnists, Rich Relatives, Trendy Club Owners
    Skills: Culture, Empathy, Humanities, Persuasion
    Edges: Big Hearted, Fame, Skilled Liar, Striking, Wealth

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  • Slagheap
    I've created some skill tricks for my games.

    For a heavy weapons specialist in an Aeon game I made "I Like Big Guns" that allows him to spend 2 momentum to increase his effective scale by one when using heavy weapons. And for another character that relies heavily on knives I made "That's Not a Knife" that allows him to add his close combat to social checks when his knife is involved (so mostly for intimidation).
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