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    Originally posted by Waldi View Post

    Is it, or do people use alternative ways of accessing "cyberspace"? I might miss a few details, but as far as I understood the Shanghai Accords, every technology, that connects directly to a users brain (and therefore allows to meddle with said brain) is of limits. Most likely, that does not rule out VR, because you could still access it by VR-Glasses and Body-Suites (which, in the late 21. and early 22. century are likely nowhere as expensive as today.) but a Matrix-like complete immersion seems to be illegal.

    In my gaming world, they would. The idea is simply too much fun not to use it.
    Firstly, having your Posse follow secret shipments of illegal technology and tracking mysterious "ghosts in the optnet" just to find out, that a bunch of REALLY dedicated gamers is behind all this, is awesome. Beeing confronted with someone, who uses illegal stuff for reasons, that are nowhere near evil but just careless because of ignorance could be more interresting than "Those evil Aberrants are at it again! Wack them!"
    Secondly, I love the idea of Terra Surge still beeing around in 2123 - in some form or another. In my headspace, it still is a popular fantasy franchise all over the world. It may not be the "new, insanely hot shit" it was during the 2080s, but it is there and, because beeing present for over four decades now, it is more popular than ever. Besides several incarnations of Terra-Surge-Online-Games, several Series of Novels and Comics, Re-Boots and Spin-Offs there are also Action-Figures, Cosplay-Cons and at least three different official Pen-and-Paper-adaptions. In 2123, the Terra-Surge-Fandom more or less works like fandoms of other, long running franchises. There are those typical disputes, about which version of Terra-Surge is the best. There is lots of laughter about badly written "erotic" fanfic. Everybody has fond memories about those awesome animated Terra-Surge-Series from Bohemia, that sadly was cancelled in 2115. And everybody absolutely loathes the goddawfull trilogy of life-action-movies, Asylum made in 2099 on a shoe string budget. (Yes - Asylum still exists in 2123. And they still make horrible movies. Unfortunatly, some evils are here to stay....)
    I really like your interpretation of Terra Surge in the age of Aeon.


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      Shanghai Accords are global law, when passed? Cause Anima is written like it surely is in forced in FSA - but not so much like in European Union, China Protectorate, Sudamérica or United African Nations. Or it is as I read the text of era. ( I may read it wrong. )
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        Originally posted by wyrdhamster View Post
        Shanghai Accords are global law, when passed? Cause Anima is written like it surely is in forced in FSA - but not so much like in European Union, China Protectorate, Sudamérica or United African Nations. Or it is as I read the text of era. ( I may read it wrong. )
        the Shanghai Accords haven’t happened yet in Anima.

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          2086 — After several serious incidents, the
          UN passes the Shanghai Accords. This treaty
          bans computer enhancement and other tech-
          nology that allows electronic access to thoughts
          and memories except under special license. The
          Shanghai Accords also prohibit all but the most
          carefully controlled and monitored uses of AS
          (artificial sentience). This ruling has no effect
          on Nippon, but elsewhere, public opinion turns
          against cyberware and hardtech in general.

          —TC:Æon p.26
          And TC:Anima is set in 2084, two years before the Accords go into effect. Basically, it's the “several serious incidents” that are referenced in the above timeline entry, either in part or in whole.


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            I wonder if anyone is still looking at Glass in the Trinity era? I mean, it's funny, but being that Glass is Nova tech, it might actually make life more difficult for the Doyen, say by having "error checking" routines.


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              It require special permission, as per the Shanghai Accords, but it would be possible.
              Or just being a criminal with an illicit and hidden implant.
              Both require ST permission, just as any game warping backstory. Like playing a member of the Mercer family. Allowed only with permission is how I handle with playing against type. Others include playing a Nova in the Æon or Anima eras, playing a Stalwart member of the Coalition, playing an Alien in an Aberrant game, ties to major NPCs or secret groups in the gameworld.

              So yes, certain characters might have access to Glass or equivalent tech in Æon but that is utterly dependant on the ST and would either require strict supervision in game (because of the Accords) or keeping it a secret piece of incredibly illegal cyberware, likely from Nippon if not a criminal organisation or Shadow Society.
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