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[Aberrant] if you were a nova what starting powers would you have?

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  • [Aberrant] if you were a nova what starting powers would you have?

    If you erupted as a nova on n-day what powers would have and why? feel free to choose the different xp levels it shows in book and say how this would affect your choice.

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    To start, if I could choose, it would be a Dark Star. A dot in each Mega-Attribute plus with sensory Mega-Edges (Mega-Sight/Hearing/Smell). At least at a default level of points. If it was some exceptional Eruption giving an equivalent to 300 xp, it would still use the Dark Star as the base.

    With more Mega-Edges. Regeneration, Spectrum Vision, Toughness(o), Sensory Shield, Mega-Speed, Quantum Sense, Pretercognition, Foresight, Revealing Read, Instant Influence, Immunity, Subtle Presence

    And one Power, Flight(o)

    To me that feels like a very good foundation of Nova abilities. And Flight would be such a nice ability.


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      Going Dark Star would be tempting, but why not go for a little power? Nothing too much, but I figure quantum 3, mega-stamina 3, Flight and Adaptation is what you need to take a walk on the moon. Probably some mega-intelligence to figure out a way to bring some people with me?

      Yeah, I guess I'm stepping on the Daedalus League's toes... or am I going to be a founding member?!

      Honestly being capable of personal space exploration mixed with not having to eat, drink or breath with being able to produce your own materials seems like it would be really helpful to avoid getting my tech covered up. Have fun finding me in Saturn's orbit!


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        Superspeed. Definitely superspeedMega-Dex, Mega-Wits, Mega-speed. Then a lot of the Mega-Edges to pull it off.

        Then begin doing a lot of Maxing Out to do things like vibrate through walls and such.


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          Personally, the biggest "stressor" I've had recently has been watching people lie through their teeth in interviews, in court, in Parliament, etc. So if I were to "erupt", it would likely be as a reaction to that and wanting to force honesty on those who would lie to the world.

          Scanning the powers list shows that I'd likely be a Mega-Attribute / Mega-Edge focused nova. Multiple dots each in Mega-Presence & Mega-Composure with edges that can be used to force people to tell the truth & not run scared from doing so - Calming Composure, Compelling Presence, Hypnotic Presence, Instant Influence, Mass Influence, Overwhelming Denial, Revealing Composure, Subtle Presence, and Telepresence. Of the powers, I'm thinking Boost for when I need to "push" myself to cover more people.

          Whilst I'm sure, over time, I would become corrupted by the ability to influence people - in the beginning I would become a zone of truth. When I turn up in court, the witnesses, police, and accused will tell the truth (self-indicting or otherwise). If I rock up to the gallery watching over Parliament, politicians will stop acting like grade school bullies and honestly discuss the policies & questions before them. And so on.

          This, I imagine, would make my nova self far more feared than a superman who is immune to gun fire and can shoot lasers from his eyes.


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            Probably the attributes and abilities that would allow me to completely disappear from the grid. And perhaps also to use them to bring buried secrets out in the open.🤔

            What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
            Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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              With a smattering of mega attributes relevant to the power set (likely Stamina, Intellect, Composure, Cunning), I'll shore up all the flaws in my being till everything works perfectly.

              I'm definitely going to erupt with Immunity vs. disease & poison as well as regeneration to counteract a long list of physical issues.
              No such edge exists as I can see, but something to render me immune to social influence other than isolation.
              Senses would be vastly improved with Mega-vision and Quantum sense.
              Adaptation which I'll need later, and a pretty high quantum as I'm not averse to sacrificing humanity.

              After that the fun starts with Elemental Mastery: Darkness and Space between the two of them and the idiotic number of options they give me, I can live free of worry that some upstart demigod, gang of resentful mortals, prying organization, or other mishap will impede me in any way. Not that it will be an issue for long as I'll be busy plumbing the depths of deep space or building my own pocket dimension.

              Intrusive organizations (such as Proteus or even the US intelligence orgs) will discover that I react violently to repeat attempts to recruit/blackmail/manipulate me. Banishment to the other side of the planet is light punishment whereas jettison into deep space is for repeat offenders. Simply knowing I have the power to shatter the world is enough for me, I wouldn't need to demonstrate. And knowing people desire that power and I hold it away from them is all the validation i could ever need (for as long as i need it anyway). Yes, it's petty but I don't care.


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                The decision behind my powerset would be based on two factors:
                • Feelings of being out of place/feelings of not measuring up to my potential.
                • The belief that a starting character is a starting character; sketch in the broad outlines while leaving plenty of room to grow.

                Item 1: Quantum 4 - 48 xp. Needed for Item 2.

                Item 2: Transformation 1 - 12 xp. Do a lot of different things poorly (but only in brief bursts).

                Item 3: Boost 2 (Intellect) - 24 xp. Not living up to my intellectual potential? MOAR Intellect (but only in brief bursts).

                Item 4: Extra Attribute (Resolve) Tag for Boost - 12 xp. Having trouble focusing? MOAR Resolve (but only in brief bursts).

                Item 5: Extra Attribute (Composure) Tag for Boost - 12 xp. Having trouble understanding/resisting social manipulation? MOAR Composure (but only in brief bursts).

                Item 6: Technique (Boost - Might 2, Extra Attribute [Dexterity] Tag, Extra Attribute [Cunning] Tag) - 12 xp. Greater athleticism and reaction time/perception (but only in brief bursts).

                Item 7: Technique (Boost - Presence 3, Extra Attribute [Manipulation] Tag) - 12 xp. Hello social confidence (but only in brief bursts).

                Item 8: Mega-Stamina - 12 xp. Sooo much energy. Better than caffeine. Can Max Out to get Regeneration.

                Item 9: Quantum Sense with a negative Tag (Self Only) - 6 xp. Awareness of my own powers and current Flux rating.

                Total: 150 xp.

                Long term character growth: More levels of Transformation and increased Duration. More levels of Boost and increased Duration. More levels of Mega-Stamina and some Mega-Stamina Mega Edges. Possibly buy off the negative Tag on Quantum Sense. Buy various Mega-Attributes and Mega Edges for those Attributes.


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                  I admit, even though sneakier or more subtle powers might be a better idea, I'd probably just go for the classic flying brick suite.