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[Aberrant] Dorming and lifespan

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    I don't think you should have to house rule everything into the game. There should be systems in place, especially when there are examples of characters in the game who have certain abilities. Like there are characters in the game who are Psiads who have lived for centuries. An easy explanation for that is that they had at least a dot in a Vitakinesis mode. Divis Mal and some of his inner circle have existed for at least a century by the time of Aberrant. How would players replicate such a feat? There should be an actual power option available, rather than just "Oh, just make something up".


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      Well, they have Mega Stamina 2, that’s enough to add 80 years to their lifespan (I assume 80 years of adult life, not 80 years after 90s, growing older and older but not dying). That is RAW.

      Personally, if you want my suggestion, add time scale to their life, Mega Sta 1 multiply by a few times the lifespan, Mega Sta 2 multiply by a dozen or +, 3 by a hundred, 4 by a few hundreds and so on. It will cover as fine as “How much can I lift with Mega Might 5?” And the answer is you can lift a big ship with easy and maybe have issues to lift a freighter or an aircraft carrier.

      The exact number is irrelevant, what matter is the general idea

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