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"Trinity: Adolescents" and similar "stupid" ideas...

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  • "Trinity: Adolescents" and similar "stupid" ideas...

    Just casually thinking about it:

    - Trinity Continuum covers a whole bunch of different adventure tropes from crime to pulp to science fiction to superheroes.

    - Role-playing games with teenage protagonists are a bit of a fad, not least thanks to Stranger Things and other kids-on-bikes stuff.

    Hence the probably stupid question: does Trinity Continuum work with twelve to fourteen-year-old protagonists so that you can cover the whole classic young detective genre?
    (Yes - I know there's Teen Tomorrow, but that's going in a slightly different direction to what I have in mind here...). I think the idea is at least worth considering.

    If one were to make a kind of "Trinity Era" out of the whole thing, it would probably be easiest, according to current trends, to set "Trinity Adolescents" in the 1980s.
    However, I think it would be funnier to set it around the 1950s/1960s and modell it after classics like Blyton's "Famous Five" or "The Three Investigators", while also mixing in some "Johnny Quest" and "Stand by me".

    (Allegiances could be some Aeon-founded scout-organisation, a sci-fi-club based on a popular radio show and stuff like that...)

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    I think it's doable. You'd just have to fiddle around with the Paths a bit. I see no particular mechanical obstacles running a game with teenage PCs.
    Hitting the right tone for such a game, on the other hand, is entirely in the hands of the GM - so there's some work there involved.


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      Can certainly be done, though i'd say CoD: Innocents might be more ressonant with Stranger Things, It, Lost Boys and other "heroic brats" kind of stories. Harry Potter even, i guess.

      Trinity Continuum would go better with teen/young adult adventures like the Hunger Games, Maze Runner or the Grisha Trilogy among others.
      Imho at least, make of that what you will and take with a grain of salt.

      Percy Jackson too - if not for the fact Scion already existed, that is.
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        You can make them “less capable” by removing a path (and all you gain from it).

        For Harry Potter and Percy Jackson you need to put some extra effort to make the powers, but reasonably ok if you go on a narrative approach.

        House Rules - The Basics - House Rules for Trinity Continuum
        House Rules - Quantum - House Rules for Trinity Continuum: Aberrant
        House Rules - Psi - House Rules for Trinity Continuum: Æon
        Fists of Flux - Inspired and Powered Martial Arts for Talents
        Tomes of Inspiration - Rituals and Dark Magic in Fists of Flux


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          I thought that running a "Stranger Things" style campaign with a bunch of Talent kids or young teenagers would be very doable. It would definitely explain why a bunch of kids could be so effective at facing the unknown. Maybe give them a "Child" path that gives them access to more luck Gifts?


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            Yeah depending on what sort of game your running talents would probably fit better, if they were novas, psiads, or other inspired they would probably be too strong unless you limited them to the lower power levels.


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              Maybe some custom Paths based on any clubs at school. And then a outsider sort of Path. But, yeah, make some Paths and then bing bang boom.


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                I think it works very well, especially if you have the kids all be talents, because dramatic editing? That's tailor made to simulate the way kids often have "good luck" like the bad guy being distracted by a barking dog, just before he's going to open the closet they're hiding in.


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                  I still think Teen Tomorrow would work for a game like this. Unless you think they’re too old?


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                    In fact, its more something in the line of "to mighty" - at least, if the general idea keeps being "doing the Young-Detective-Genre in Trinity". Teen Tomorrow is absolutely awesome, when you go for a campaign in the vein of "Teen Titans", "Young Justice" and whatnot. But when you try to cover something like "Famous Five", "Stranger Things" and the like, Novas would be far to powerfull. Characters like Will Byers, Georgina Kirrin and the like are somewhat more capable (and lucky) than normal kids would be - but throwing cars is beyond them. So, the Idea of the kids beeing Talents with some adjusted "Child-Paths" sounds quite compelling, since this would cover most teenage heroes from the aforementioned genre. (OK, Eleven from Stranger Things would very clearly be a Psiad or even a Psion, but then again, Eleven is quite a special case...)

                    Settingwise, I really like the idea from Trinity:Anima, that not every Setting has to be global in scope. A lot of the relevant youth literature tends to center around the kids hometown - with occasional stories set at a small hand full of "exotic" (or not so exotic) vacation-spots.
                    So the idea for it would be to take place in a comparatively small geographical area - typically somewhere in the western hemisphere, ideally in an area that is more small-town and a bit sleepy, but not completely out of the way. This may be cliché thinking now, but quieter corners of New England, the south of the UK or parts of western Germany could be fitting.

                    In terms of time, I wouldn't limit the whole thing to a fixed year, but rather say: the setting is always somewhere between 1955 and 1985 - depending on taste and the individual requirements of the campaign.

                    cornerstones would be:

                    - It is an era between nostalgia and modernity.
                    - The Cold War is still raging
                    - The whole thing is set (similarly to Continuum) in that time after Adventure! in which paranormal phenomena are no longer so obvious. Sure - if you know where then you can still find traces from a more fantastic past. Maybe the invention of a mad scientist from the 1920s is still in the attic of some mansion. Maybe the old man who lives down the street used to be a legendary super gangster. Maybe the pterosaur-like creature that anglers saw outside the city in 1939 was real. Who knows? On the surface, however, the setting seems almost as normal as the real world. Should the characters come across something really freaky in the course of their adventures - no adult will believe them for a while.

                    It would be funny, by the way, if Aeon first seemed like the antagonist in this setting. Aeon is not evil here either, but the kids don't necessarily know that. To teenagers without background knowledge, Aeon could very well come across as the "shady and evil conspiracy that wants to cover up the paranormal for nefarious reasons." And whether Aeon agents are particularly thrilled when teenagers interfere with their work is also questionable...


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                      Stranger Things definitely feels like a bunch of Talent kids running into a Psiad. The first season is the hunt for a particularly nasty Anomaly.