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Psions and mega-attributes

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  • Psions and mega-attributes

    I was thinking about this. Granted, because the books are supposed to be independent, in that you don't need aberrant to play Trinity or Trinity to play aberrant, it's not included, but could some psions mimic at least low levels of mega attributes, say 1-3? Biokenetics and vitakenetics can modify and/or boost their bodies, while Quantakenetics can tap into quantum energies, and the other psions have their own methods to justify it. What do you think?

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    Not exactly, but low levels can be mimicked partially to a certain extend and partial results.

    Mega Might would be achievable with Telekinesis
    Mega Dexterity would be a combination of BK/VK and Clair to predict what should be done and how the results can be optimized.
    Mega Stamina probably with Perikinesis combined with BK/VK to boost against indirect damage.
    Mega Socials are basically a combination of different uses of Telepathy
    Mega Mentals would need Clairsentience and Telepathy with different combinations to different aspects.

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      I'd just assumed that the level 6 powers that boost the Scale of an effect would cover it, although that would only increase the scale by 1. I.e, Telekinesis 4 lets you increase Might to a maximum of 7 dots at scale one, but with the level 6 power increasing scale that would be a maximum of 7 dots at scale 2.

      The level 7 powers might need to be handwaved. Electrokinesis 7 would seem to give effects that would definitely be a higher scale than a normal human intellect, for example- how it would interact with a mega-intelligent Nova's encryption would likely have to be a GM call.
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        There is also, not yet, the chance for Scale for Psions so you can mimic things but not fully.


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          The 6th dot of each Mode gives Scale, so that combined with Attribute boosters gives Attributes of +1 Scale. This doesn’t mimic all the effects of the equivalent Mega-Attribute but covers some.

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