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    My players want to play in the Aberrant Era as members of the Dadelus League who explore using a Stargate like device. So far so good.

    I don't own any of the Aeon books yet. Are there any suggested ones to help make all of these alien planets, species, antagonists, and ancient technology or should I just brainstorm using other resources?

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    "Under Alien Skies" is the first to come to mind, if only for it's alien species creation rules.

    Thoughts ripple out, birthing others


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      I think Under Alien Skies would be a great resource for you, it is chalk full of great ideas and story hooks. But, for a game like this I would probably create some new aliens to interact with. Of course I would do that to keep the time line more or less where it is by Aeon. The party would be the unsung heroes that protected the Earth from an alien threat nobody else even knew about.


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        I'm reviewing Under Alien Skies now. Thank you for the suggestion.

        The Breach in particular has the right feel for what they seemed to desire. That will make a good story or two.


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          This is something that I have pondered since 1e. Please share your adventure ideas. I am sure that more than a few of us would like to hear of them.

          “Humpty had always sat on walls, it was his way.”
          Jasper Fforde, The Big Over Easy


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            Originally posted by MythAdvocate View Post
            This is something that I have pondered since 1e. Please share your adventure ideas. I am sure that more than a few of us would like to hear of them.

            Horror may be very difficult to accomplish with characters as powerful as Novas. So I plan to start with more psychological thrillers thematics and see where that goes.

            Number one - isolation.
            I am putting the Exogate on Mars where it was recently discovered on the surface. Give them a barely life sustaining underground bunker that was hastily thrown together. Keep everything secret from the general populace by the Dadelus League.
            Only access in or out is by a Nova with warp to be named later who works for them pro-bono but only once a week to ship supplies and personnel.
            The Exogate is still on the surface so they are further isolated from even the base. Since it uses warp to create the effect it must be charged and can only be used once per day. That will give a minimum time they will have to survive wherever they go. And the membrane will not allow transmissions or unmanned objects through at first.


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              The Bonepickers are an alien race descended from scavengers who roamed the universe searching for other species to take their best ideas, technologies, and biological uniqueness.
              One of their favorite methods of war is to increase the quantum fluctuations in an area to the point where the species kills itself off due to quantum corruption. Once another race is either extinct or severely impaired they will move in and take what they want.

              Their main body has the general shape of a flightless bird approximately the size of a large turkey. Bereft of feathers, their mottled grayish skin is covered in patches of bone creating a rough exoskeleton with small nodules and bumps all over.
              Instead of legs, they have six crab-like limbs that have twelve points of articulation enabling Bonepickers to use them as arms as well as legs. Each has a pincer at the end with four joints per half that allows them to act like fingers or toes depending which is needed at the time.
              Their long vulture-like heads are set upon long necks covered in a network of exoskeleton pieces that protect their soft tissues but still provide good protection from predators. Their mouths are filled with tiny sharp ridges like a penguin that have sharp barbs and slivers.
              They are a quantum species that has relatively few novas remaining.

              Bonepicker society learned early that quantum corruption is a serious affliction that must be managed carefully. After a brutal civil war that splintered their original society, they created a series of Guilds to house those of their people who are quantum gifted and to keep them under control. Any nova who steps out of line is swiftly and brutally eliminated. Any nova whose powers do not fall into one of these guilds is also executed.

              Navigators & Scouts
              Gardeners & Bio-engineers
              Most of the society does not have quantum abilities and tend to live solitary lives separated from others of their kind. When they have to gather for important tasks they do so begrudgingly with a decidedly anarchic air to the proceedings. Unlike humans, Bonepickers are not social creatures at heart.

              Created the Exogates on worlds that they wanted to harvest for natural resources or pick through the ruins of a civilization.


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                Project Gulliver (Path)
                Project Gulliver is a secret sub-project of the Dadelus League's Project Lighthouse. They use a newly discovered Exogate to explore planets beyond our solar system as well as launching small satellites into orbit as part of the Project Lighthouse network.

                Example Connections - Astronauts, Scientists, Inventors, Survey Team Members
                Skills - Enigmas, Science, Survival, Technology
                Edges - Artifact, Breath Control, Eufiber, Hardy, Keen Sense


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                  What’s an Exogate? What sourcebooks’re they from?


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                    Originally posted by Demigod Beast View Post
                    What’s an Exogate? What sourcebooks’re they from?
                    They aren't. Think of them like limited Stargates from the movies and tv show. My players wanted to use them in a horror campaign. I just renamed them.


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                      Oh! Ok! Thanks!

                      I really like this alien species. I love that they’re avian....sorta.

                      They have only Quantum Powers, correct? No subquantum Powers, no Inspiration?

                      How far away from Sol are they?

                      Can their novas achieve the same level of godlike power as human novas, or are they more limited, in some (or all) ways?

                      What tech level are they? Pretty advanced, I can already guess, but how would their tech stand up Aeon-Era humanity?

                      Do the Doyen know the bonepickers exist?


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                        They are only quantum users. They have the potential to reach human Nova like heights, but their guilds actively eliminate any of their kind that approaches dangerous levels.

                        I haven't decided a lot of the other aspects yet. Heck, they may not even be still alive in the timeline we will be playing. We are running a session zero tomorrow. That will help decide a few things based upon the players choices.


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                          Interesting. If they’re dead, planning on core-tech, nova-tech and/or Q-tech being discovered? Could bonepicker Q-tech work for human novas?


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                            Originally posted by Demigod Beast View Post
                            Interesting. If they’re dead, planning on core-tech, nova-tech and/or Q-tech being discovered? Could bonepicker Q-tech work for human novas?
                            I'm thinking yes, but with greater difficulty. A lot of quantum powers, and by extension quantum tech, is based upon the desires and thoughts of the user. If the tech is used to the thought patterns of an alien psyche then I think it may be harder to use. Not impossible.


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                              If you’re familiar with Warhammer 40k, bird imagery is most associated with a Chaos God named Tzeentch. Furthermore, for the Chronicles of Darkness, non-canonical but very cool work by Acrozatarim describes a powerful Stone Age bird-deity veeeeeery similar to Tzeentch. Both are very cool images with very cool lore. They could help flesh out the bonepickers’ society.