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    Joe Carriker posted one of these in the Scion forum and it seemed like a good idea.

    Hi, everyone. I'm Ian Watson, and I'm the lead developer in charge of the Trinity Continuum; that means that I'm developing the core TC material, and it's also my job to oversee the line developers for Æon, Aberrant, and Adventure!, to ensure the cohesiveness of the overall setting.

    So, for example, John Snead is our Æon developer, and the majority of the details are something I leave in his capable hands, but I make sure that his vision for the line matches mine in the broad strokes.

    You may recognize me from various fan works over the years: in particular I was the only Storyteller on the "unmoderated" Trinity Universe Java chat on WW's old site, and I was developer behind the Trinity ST Handbook -- a project which unfortunately was never completed, but there was some amazing stuff contributed. I'm a fan of science fiction and other action-adventure genres. I also created Wolfspoor, the unofficial White Wolf Wiki, and a few other fan things. I've contributed to the Mage ST Handbook, Edge of Infinity: The Scarred Planes, V20, and the last three Mage Convention Books.

    At the moment I have setting writers plugging at their sections, while working with the Scion team on a new baseline system. We're building this one from the ground up, with the specific intent of being able to handle scaling, as with Aberrant's old Mega-Attributes. It's admittedly taken longer than I expected, but to quote Joe: "That can be a pretty exhaustive process, even when the developer doesn't have to deal with recent spinal surgeries. I did, though, back at the beginning of October, so you've all got my deepest apologies: I'm the reason things are running a little behind where we'd like them."

    This is also the reason I haven't been saying much other than the vaguest of statements. Until the mechanics are a go and we're full steam ahead, our position on the release schedule is extremely delicate. Once the line has been crossed and all my precious monkeys are writing away, then I'll start dropping more concrete spoilers about what it is we're actually doing. But we are getting close to a core system everyone's happy with, and will soon be moving on to the part where we try to damage the system as much as possible to see if it still works as it should.

    Now, to namedrop:

    As mentioned, the Æon developer is long-time author John Snead, who started work on the Trinity Universe back in 1998 with the Trinity Tech Manual, and a fair number since (Luna Rising, TFR: Extrasolar Colonies, Shattered Europe, Stellar Frontier, Trinity PG, Aberrant: Year One, Worldwide Phase I, Asia Ascendant). He's also doing some work on the Trinity Continuum core.

    Stewart Wilson, in addition to being the creative mind behind indie publisher Zero Point Information, is the current developer for the W20 line. He's another of the TC authors, and is using his computational demonology on the new rule system. He was one of the contributors to the Trinity ST Handbook back before he'd ever done any work for White Wolf.

    Craig Oxbrow is a newcomer whose name you'll doubtless recognize. He's pretty heavily involved on the forums and has been a Trinity Universe fan for a long time. This is his first professional RPG, and I'm delighted to have him on board.

    Dean Gilbert is a newcomer to Onyx Path, but not to RPGs. He's done some great work for Marvel and FATE, and is bringing an outsider's perspective to the new incarnation of the setting.

    Matt Miller is another one new to Onyx Path, although he's an admitted established fan of the Trinity Universe. If you're a fan of Margaret Weis Productions, you may recognize his name: he's their web and internet community support guy.

    Danielle Harper may be a familiar name. She's recently been on Demon: The Descent's rulebook and the upcoming Darkening Sky supplement for Dark Ages.

    Rick Jones is definitely a familiar name. He's been writing for WW for years. Notably he wrote TFR: Media and was one of the authors of the original Adventure!.

    Jack Norris has been with us before on Scion and Exalted.

    Neall Raemonn Price was sneaked over from the Scion team in the dead of night. He's working on the mechanics shared between both teams. He's recently been on Cursed Necropolis: DC and has made a lot of contributions to WW lately.

    There are a few other names waiting in the wings, but I don't want to put them down as official until their contracts are in.
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    Ian A. A. Watson
    Onyx Path Community Manager

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    Just saying, Matt Miller sounds like a Marvel hero's secret identity.

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      So, you're telling me you're tangentially bringing together three of my favorite things in roleplaying (MWP, White Wolf/OPP, Fate) to work one of my favorite roleplaying properties of all time? there, like, a line we can get in to deliver our overly familiar affection, or should we schedule in advance?



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        You can find me at a con! Gen Con for sure.

        Ian A. A. Watson
        Onyx Path Community Manager


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          I am incredibly excited about all of this!

          Can you comment yet on if the new system will still be a Storyteller/ing System Variant, or something more..radical?

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            There's some discussion of the system in the Scion Dev Note thread in the Scion forum.

            Ian A. A. Watson
            Onyx Path Community Manager


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              Hah, we're just going to go back and forth and obsess about every period on the page. DID THAT 4 DOT ELLIPSES MEAN WE HAVE EPIC STATS?!?!


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                Nice! That's a helluva crew you've put together there Ian & its really, really cool to see Craig in there too. Eagerly (but patiently) waiting to see what you all come up with

                Ad Astra


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                  So are the Scion and Trinity Continuum systems compatible or are they separate?

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                    Scion and Trinity will be working from the same core system, but that doesn't necessarily mean they'll be compatible.

                    The Classic World of Darkness games all worked from the same core, but had enough minor differences to make cross-compatibility a chore.

                    Ian A. A. Watson
                    Onyx Path Community Manager


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                      Another contract in!

                      Rick Jones, who has worked with White Wolf for a while on a number of different lines, but most notably for our purposes, Trinity Field Report: Media and the original Adventure! rulebook.

                      Ian A. A. Watson
                      Onyx Path Community Manager


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                        That's an impressive line-up you have there Excellent stuff.

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                          Hi, Ian! Glad to see that you're running things, and very much looking forwards to what comes out of this game. I haven't been this excited in a while.

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                            Ian, care to comment on the purpose of Trinity Corebook? Or, if you've already answered this question, could you or someone here provide a link to that information?


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                              There's a snippet on the Onyx Path schedule page.

                              Ian A. A. Watson
                              Onyx Path Community Manager