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Question about Body Morph powers

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  • Question about Body Morph powers

    one of my players uses a lot of body morphing type of powers. to turn into huge creatures or into swarms of insects. i wanted to know what is the size limit of a character and the ammount of creatures one nova can turn into?
    i ask becaue my player wants to shapeshift into a cthulhu sized being. so i need to know

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    Bodymorph, or shapeshift? Bodymorph is more for a human torch or colossus type. Shapeshit would be more akin to beast boy. For cuthulu sized, id say you would need to do sizemorph grow at 5 dots, maybe link it to shapeshift power...I dont have the rules in front of me however, so I may be missing something.



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      For insect swarm power you need homoculi or whatever the power is that lets you break off pieces. And to go superstore you'd need sizemorph.


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        There are several ways to handle this. If he likes using both options fuidly then I'd go with shapeshift as he can allocate successes to build forms as he desires. Remember shapeshift is limited to no more dots in a simulated power then the player has in shapeshift. So if he gets five successes but only has three dots in shapeshift he can only get three dots in any one power, such as size morph growth. By standard description big C was a mile tall, not sure he could get that big without a mastery but he can still get damn big!
        As for the swarm form he can ether take homunculus at 4+ dots to do a swarm or he can take a dot or two in density decrease and use the homunculus many parts, insects, swelling sand ect. as a discriptor of how the power works.
        I would probably recommend building the base Cthulhu form in bodymorph taking all the Bodymodification powers just to lump them into a power that can easily be manipulated by the Link drawback and link them to sizemorph growth and buy up growth separately.