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What kind of alternate takes have you done in the Aeoniverse?

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  • What kind of alternate takes have you done in the Aeoniverse?

    I'm not referring to those of us who have used the rules to emulate other settings/environments. Instead, I was talking about those who took the setting and twisted it.
    In my particular case, our ST decided to insert novas into the World of Darkness. As the novas began to erupt, the supernatural creatures grew fearful and jealous. The novas were able to exercise their powers in the public eye and were media darlings. Additionally, they had powers that put them on par with some elder beings (Rank 5 Garou, Archmages, so forth and so on). This led to the supernaturals having a little detente. In every major city, they all tried to organize enough to coordinate attacks on the novas.
    These attacks would not be as potent as they could be since no side wanted to deplete themselves too much. The novas, and all the wrong alphabet agencies, finally had to act on the information that vampires and werewolves and all the boogiemen were real. Novas began a pogrom on these horrid things. In fact, this was the basis of the game. We were monster-hunters.
    I know that there are a great deal of plot holes that would make the setting not work but we overlooked them for the sake of fun. We also never got a chance to extend that setting into Adventure! and Trinity, sadly.
    So what have you guys done with the Aeoniverse?

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    While i've been rather plain in my approach sadly, i've always been tempted to do a full League of Extraordinary Gentlemen conversion with the Adventure! rules...
    Interested to hear how people have used the system.
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      Ive only ran the actual metaplot once in 10 years as a gm for Aberrant, and once for Adventure!. Currently doing a semi Mass Effect/Serenity-Firefly combo of Adventure and Trinity, and havr an upcoming all three game line crossover in the feel of "Agents of Shield."



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        Yeah, I enjoy the metaplot for Aeoniverse much better than the ones in the cWoD. At least in the Aeoniverse, it does not end with "EVERYTHING DIES!" but it does end with "This is where the next chapter begins." Although, I do like the sound of your chronicle MBP. Sounds like it could be great.
        I intend on sticking closer to the setting when 2nd edition comes out, but I want to have something that can cross all the various settings that they are coming up with.


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          Back in the day, Trinity but with an extremely compressed time frame, in which Adventure took place as normal, but the overall events of Aberrant taking place in WW2, and the age of Psions starts about 1950 or so. I admit that this was largely inspired by the idea of having one of the most powerful people in 1950s North America be an African-American inventor and businessman. But you have a lot of interesting stuff happening in India, China, Africa, the Middle East, and the other homes of the Order founders to radically alter history and society. (And if one looks ahead to the future via time travel or some other means, you get to play with the idea of heading to some sort of original Star Trek style future competing against the possibility of one or more of those 1970s distopian or post-apocalyptic futures.)

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            When the Adventure! book for Trinity Continuum finally comes out, I am planning to run an Adventure!/Mage: the Ascension chronicle. Still in the brainstorming stages. Any input you guys might have would be more than welcome.

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              I was always sad there was no Pulp Age sourcebook for Mage or Werewolf.

              There is a sidebar in the Mage Guide to the Traditions from way back when about the period, and a list of the (sort of) "signature characters" for each Tradition. Outside of Doc Eon (Bill Bridges's fun Doc Savage homage from the original Sons of Ether Tradition book), I can't recall any of the names off the top of my head, but all were homage's to period characters: El Borak (Ahl i Batin), The Shadow (Akashic Brotherhood; a woman), Indiana Jones (Celestial Chorus), Tarzan (a female 'jaguar queen' of the Amazon), The Phantom (African Euthanatos), Carnaki the Ghost Finder (Order of Hermes), and two I'm totally blanking on. The proto-Virtual Adept was Tin Tin.

              IIRC, the Technocracy ones would've been based on Operator 5 (NWO), G-8 (ItX), The Gladiator (Progenitors), Little Orphan Annie (Syndicate), and Flash Gordon (Void Engineers), with the Jade Dragon as the Nephandi Fu Manchu and one of Lovecraft's characters as the Marauder.
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              What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other's folly. That is the first law of nature.
              Voltaire, "Tolerance" (1764)


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                if it not too late to mention that its the system flex ability that allows the most important tool to a story teller cross over, from one story or setting to another, we actual had our game group merge scion and Aberrant together as ancient civilization and ancient astronauts return to earth causing the scion and old gods , those who stayed behind and joined with the Gaea matrix and aberrant a ancient aliens genetic time bomb set to destroy humanity and due to interference it kind of misfired. this is the origin for all worlds with in white wolf in our game a mega plot of multiple realities and galactic invasion of titan like ancients returning , like Cthulhuan masters. later we added world of Darkness and exalted - so what about similar side product what if all product lines where one world
                ​aberrant, exalted, Darkness,Scions , I am not say that the main stream just a source book with a common mega plot to unite them all in the world of darkness and bind them , One world game setting just lower the numbers on all sides , just a suggestion for say a support book ?


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                  I adapted the Aberrant/AEon timeline to DC's Kingdom Come, mirroring how the rise of self-appointed protectors eventually pushed aside the government-national backed novas (Justice League), who were eventually forced to leave Earth after the meta-humans failed to control themselves (the assault at the meta-human prison). This set the stage for the rise of a more deliberate breed of metas (psions and their Orders), while the corrupted metas from before plot to return. There are numerous parallels which make sense (the attack on Captain Atom/the explosion of Wycoff, Divis Mal confronting the UN/Superman attacking the UN, different factions gathering super-people, etc). I never got to run it, but I made a preliminary timeline that was fun to write.

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