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    I'm a long time WW/Onyx path fan (1st edition Vampire The Masquerade ring any bells)
    Favorite game in the Universe is Mage The Ascension

    beside the point

    I've got a kind of itch to write/run a near future scifi game and obviously Trinity came to mind

    so I have a question or two

    what system is being used for the new trinity?
    Are there going to be a lot of story changes cause if not a massive amount I could start sketching things out using my old rules?

    Thanks for your time


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    Hello, welcome aboard!

    1: A new system (currently nicknamed Sardonyx) is currently in development or the new Trinity line and also the second edition of Scion. It has some basic roots in common with Storyteller and Storytelling (Attributes and Abilities, rolling d10s for each dot you have) but aimed at a more action narrative. We've had some teaser posts here.

    2: The posts also address some of the changes from the Trinity Universe (Storyteller System) to the Trinity Continuum. The 2120s of Aeon will feature some substantial differences, but should feel familiar to fans of the previous version.

    Craig Oxbrow
    The Trinity Continuum freelancer


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      Hopefully not too different.


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        All of that said, the new set-up seems to touch a bit on the potential, if not idea, of parallel timelines/realities, meaning that no matter how great the degree of deviation of whatever you have in mind, it will still be quite possible to go your own merry way or to mine stuff from future books for ideas and to reattach in whichever form suits your fancy.


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          Originally posted by Wolfgar View Post
          Hopefully not too different.
          It's...a bit different!

          Neall Raemonn Price
          Beleaguered Scion Developer


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            Originally posted by Neall View Post

            It's...a bit different!
            I think we have an understatement of the month.

            Do not take this as an disagreement, because it is not, but I do not think narrativist system created to support pulp narrative(Sardonyx) will be just ...a bit different, than relatively realism supporting system of Aeon.

            What confuses me, is why did you pick pulpy narrative(movie based) as core take. While I can see pulp as the roots for all 3 settings both Aeon and Abberant reject this narrative on some level(this level is different for both), so trying them to run according to it will be interesting.