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    Hello All,

    A fan made supplement from the fine folks who brought us Aberrant: The New Flesh and A Breed Apart is very near completion, and they are looking for someone to write the opening fiction piece for their capstone supplement for the original Trinity Universe. I'm going to try and include the link below to the request, but my forum-fu is embarrassingly weak so please forgive me if it doesn't work...

    I, for one, am dying to see this supplement that ties the original game together!

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    I have been waiting for some news about the RPGPost stuff, thanks for giving us a heads up.
    I doubt I can help them with their request for fiction, but if they have openings for proof-readers or testers, then I may be willing to lend a hand.


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      I'm sure any help would be appreciated, I'm hoping someone on the board is both an aspiring writer and a fan of all three settings. Unfortunately, my knowledge of Trinity is far too weak to do any justice to what they're requesting, I was an Aberrant and Adventure! guy all the way.


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        Isn't this project kind of moot since the new OPP setting is coming out someday? I mean, we haven't seen a tease since before Gencon but, whatever.


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          I don't think so, the project seems to be looking to tie the Trinity Universe together fully and serve as a final supplement for the original game line. Seeing as how we are at least a year away from seeing even the first book of the new line, and how some folks will probably still play the original rules even after, I think this supplement will be a welcome addition. YMMV of course.