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  • Mega-Attribute Enhancements

    Enhancements, when you buy a mega-attribute you gain a singe enhancement for free. Is this only the first time you buy the attribute or do you gain an enhancement for each dot you buy in the attribute? The second option seems a bit op and I am choosing to read it as the first option but I would like to be sure I am treating it correctly.

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    I've only ever run it the former way, you can pay for your other enhancements, but the first one is an expression of anima - or something.
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      As a GM, I would rule the free enhancement only on the first time the player buys the Mega-Enhancement. Having a free every time a player buys a Mega Attribute sounds overpowered to me, and the player already has the power of a god as a starting player. With my experience with superhero rpgs, and the starting level of power is already much higher than all other role playing games I have ever read. Which is why I love the Aberrant rpg.


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        Per RAW it goes that you get a freebie when you buy the first dot of a mega-attribute.

        In games my group has run, we've tried it different ways. The best house-rule we found was thus:

        Free Enhancement at Dot 1, Dot 4, and any Dot above 5 (6, 7, 8, etc).

        Once you're at Quantum Six, regular enhancements are just icing, really