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  • Year Zero: My Campaign

    This campaign was inspired by some issues my extended group was having across varies games. Mostly those I can get to game with are diehard fantasy players seldom reaching further that D&D. Part of this is that it is a familiar system and setting. Another part is not having to learn new game lore. We found that there were great new RPG's out there but each came with a long complicated game lore Dark Heresy, Star Wars, Iron Kingdoms, just to name a few. I wanted a new game something that was different as I prefer SciFi. A friend recommended Aberrant and it was love at first sight. The thing that struck me as the most interesting was the timeline. It was only ten years long and contained a good portion of the lore needed for the players to understand the world. So I was struck with this idea..."What if we played through these events?" Get to know the games history while living it. I started updating the timeline to match today. Nothing major just changed a few names and events to allow the game to happen as if tomorrow. The result was interesting. The players enjoying the game read the books on their own to see how the story unfolds. It has made our little group very tight and enjoyable.

    Year Zero:

    Internet, TV, radio is abuzz about Project Galatea. Mankinds first attempt to control gravity and open the stars for true exploration. Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing you can hear the live feed from the commentator following the Project as it unfolds on the International Space Station.

    “Welcome to the broadcast. If you are just joining us we are live with NASA and the research team aboard the international space station. We will be speaking with Dr. Galatea whose groundbreaking research into exotic matter has allowed this project to come to fruition.
    Dr. Galatea, how are you and how is the project proceeding?”

    A young woman appears on screen.

    Dr. Galatea
    “I’m well, the shuttle ride was a bit rough but everything is going according to plan.The project module was installed yesterday and final simulations are very promising.”

    “If this test is successful it will mean a new age for mankind. That is a lot of pressure to carry.”

    Dr. Galatea
    “It is, but the team and I just are trying to stay focused on the here and now. We’re happy to let history will tend to itself.”

    Off camera - male voice
    “Dr. we need you we’re are having a problem with the module.”

    Another voice
    “Command, we’re having some difficulties”

    “Say again. What kind of difficulties?”

    Camera shifts to external view of the International Space Station

    “Diagnostics seem to indicate some sort of...”

    “Repeat, Say again. What kind of difficulties...can you hear us?”

    “Yes...we hear you...the diagnostics...”

    “ISS, do you read us?”

    “We read you, Command. This isn’t...Command, system failure seems to indicate core shielding breach. We...”

    “Son of a...Hold on. Are you sure that -”

    “Command, we’re gonna attempt to fi...Oh shit...Command, tell our famil...”

    From the external camera view you watch as the International Space Station ripples with shock waves before being blown apart. The camera shutters before the signal is lost. The internet explodes and those around you are shocked into silence. The silence turns to panic as the exotic matter hits the atmosphere creating an aurora borealis in broad day light. In the panic and ensuing violence you erupt and you are alone in the chaos.
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    Allen Turning
    • Nationality American
    • Age 16
    • Location Phoenix, AZ
    A runaway from an affluent family Allen took to living on the streets to escape his parents petty games. He has learned to graft the streets making a small living by pickpocketing the affluent and relieving them of selected items he found at there homes. Since his eruption his luck has been at an all time high. In time he has figured out how to control luck for himself and other. He has enhanced perception and dexterity which has served to further embolden him.

    Laura-Ann Markovic
    • Nationality Russian-American
    • Age 19
    • Location Las Vegas, NV
    Attending an automotive vocational academy Laura has a love for all things cars. Left a small inheritance from her father before his sudden disappearance she relocated from Utah to Nevada in search of fun and adventure. Standing only at five foot tall she is a loud mouth who tells you what she thinks whether you wanted to know or not. Since her eruption her abilities with numbers and engineering concepts has out strip her schools ability to teach. In addition she can feel the molecular bonds of objects had has figured out how to reshape them to her will.

    Noah Lin
    • Chinese-American
    • Age 16
    • Location Las Vega, NV
    Attending a magnet school for computer science and engineering he is guarded almost to the point of being shy. He can not go a day without an energy drink or a MOBA game. Rural life on his parents farm in Montana has given his lean stature harden muscle and stamina. Since his eruption Time seems to speed up or slow down at his will. He can cloak himself in it allowing him to fend off attacks, walk through walls, or even cause damage to those who touch him or he touches.

    Sydney (Sid) Smith
    • Australian
    • Age 16
    • Location Manhattan, NY
    While on a trip across the United States Sid lost her parents the day Galatea exploded. Struck by a semi truck Sid's family vehicle was totaled killing her father in the impact and her mother when the car rolled. Sid survived without a scratch forcing her way out of the flaming wreak. In a daze she stumbled into the woods and was lost. Finding her way to New York city she has been living off the streets begging for money or attempting pickpocketing. Her eruption has granted her enhanced strength, endurance, and most noticeably appearance. She is invulnerable to most man made weapons it seems.Her closest guarded secret is her ability to create clones of herself. Friends to keep her company in the lone nights.


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      We gave this a shot once, running the first eruptees out of our homeland Australia. The ST did it in a silver age style and much fun was had, taking a sci-fi approach sounds like fun. Let us know how you go, Malikjack.


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        2014 - Eruption

        When I started putting this campaign together it was in 2014. I used it as a starting point and adjusted the events accordingly simply changing names or rewiring the passage to keep the spirit while using a more modern reference. So my time line spans 2014-2024.


        Having run away from home. Allen had built up a few local contacts in Phoenix, AZ to fence what he grafted. His scores were nothing to brag about though he did from time to time. He was warned that his overconfidence would get him into trouble one day.

        The day Galatea was to change the world with the first practical use of gravity manipulation Allen had found a new marks. A city block party was in full swing preparing to celebrate and be a part of the historical moment. When Galatea exploded the party stopped and everyone was in stunned silence. Not really paying attention the events Allen took advantage of the calm and stole an unattended vespa.

        Joying for a joy ride was the height of his day. So focused in the success he had had Allen was not looking the sky when the exotic matter created a visible aurora borealis in the daylight sky. Many other drivers noticed and became distracted. A large moving truck Allen was starting to pass suddenly swerved into his lane cutting him off. Allen lost control of the vespa slamming into a guardrail and flying over the handlebars.

        Time seemed to slow for Allen as he watched himself start to leave the vehicle. A sharp pain burst through his head almost making him blackout but through the pain he tried to will himself to stop to grab anything to prevent him from flying head first into the concrete sound barrier just past the railing. By luck against, what might have seemed all odds, his foot caught the handlebar of the vespa arresting his forward momentum sending him face first into the dirt with a broken foot.

        Allen later awoke in the hospital pain still strobing behind his eyes and his foot in a brace. Having no ID on him and his fingerprints listing him as a missing child. The hospital had called the police to come and claim him. Allen not wanting to return home quickly made his escape. Becoming trapped in a hallway with an emergency exit between him and freedom. He tried his luck pushing the door open. To his amazement the alarm did not sound and he quickly hobled back to his safe house.


        Noah was hanging out at the mall with his friend Eric grabbing a bite to eat. Weekend in Las Vegas might sound great to those with money and a desire to gamble but to Noah this was about as good a it was going to get. Coming to study at a Magnet School had been the highlight of his life. Growing up in a small town in Montana he had always felt out of place. Afraid to be who he was. A gay tech nerd gamer surrounded by a bunch of cowboys had always keep him on his guard. But in Vegas he was just like everyone else. Ignored equally. Except by his best friend Eric who he meet at school. There was nothing there Eric was straight but he just liked Noah as Noah and that good enough for Noah.

        They had finished lunch and decided to walk the strip for a bit. It was not the most entertaining thing to do but there was a huge todo about Project Galeata and the strip was dedicated to it. The merchandise was everywhere and as usual made no sense. But it was lively. Noah watched as Galeata exploded broadcasted to every billboard, TV, and phone around him. The stip was silent as it watched. Then with horror as an aurora borealis appeared in the sky. It took a moment for the sound of cars crashing on the strip and the screams of those around him to shake Noah out of his shock.

        A car that had been hit lost control and was now barreling down the sidewalk hitting, crushing and, tossing pedestrians aside. Noah could see he was next and would not be able to move quick enough. He felt the pain grow behind his eyes as he desperately searched for a way. Just as Eric was struck and disappeared under the car Noah’s horror became a sharp focused will. Time slowed around him. The car, he knew when it would hit him, he knew the exact time it would hit him. Stretching out his hand as a conduit for his will he focused on the car with a single though “STOP!” the car froze in place stuck in time. The pain overcame him finally and Noah blacked out. The car jerked but its momentum had been robbed.

        Noah woke in the same room as his friend Eric. Eric was stable but critical. The ICU was over capacity so they had no choice. Noah, head throbbing, moved to his friends side. Eric was unrecognizable and Noah wept for his first true friend. After he had been seen by a nurse, a doctor, and the police. Noah was declared fit and sent home. He would come back to the hospital everyday to visit his friend until his parents took him home once he was stable enough.


        The day had started as she planned. Las Vegas was hot but bearable a refreshing shower later, a change into some shorts and bikini top, and a date with her 1969 Chevy Nova. It was part of the estate left to her from her dad. She had been making improvements over the last few months. Today the muffler assembly was getting replaced. Standing only five foot tall getting the jack stands in place was difficult but today she was trying a new system. It had worked well and the backend was up high enough for her to work.

        A smile creeped over her face as she prepared to work on the vehicle. She turned the radio on to her favorite classic rock station lit a cig. Allowing herself to just be in the moment to clear her thoughts and go through the procedure in her mind. Once she was set she snuffed out the butt of her cigarette and rolled under the car to start her work.

        The radio station, much to her annoyance, keeped going on about what a historic day this was. Promising to cover the event live as it happened. Laura-Ann tried other stations only to find the same thing. She was already covered in dirt and grease and did not wish to trail it through her house to grab her phone and bluetooth speakers. She decided to just suffer and finish the job.

        The radio covered the explosion in great detail. Laura-Ann was a bit in shock. She did not notice that she had come close to one of the jack stands. As she moved to come out from under the car she got caught on something. She looked to see it was one of the stands. She hear a groaning of metal bending getting ready to break. She was under the rear axle differential. Sensing her impending death she quickly grabbed the car and pushed to roll out of the way. The concrete floor rose up mirroring her and her action. The car went flying through the garage into the back yard coming to rest in the deep end of the pool. Just as she was trying to understand what had happened she grabbed her head as pain flooded her and she passed out.

        She awoke in the hospital surrounded by scores of injured. A nurse saw to her then a doctor and she was quickly discharged as nothing seemed to be wrong. She discovered the fallout from the explosion had panicked people and Las Vegas had been turned upside down. Getting home she saw the damage and was still reeling in shock ready to dismiss the event until she had her first cigarette since the blackout. She could taste it but not feel the effects of it. She went through an entire pack feeling nothing. Then she knew she was in trouble.


        It was day twelve of the family vacation a drive across America. Sid’s dad thought it would be a fun way to bond as a family. Drive from the south to the north. Stop at every historical place that they would pass then walk around and be utterly bored to death. Luckily today seemed history free but the cost was the radio was blaring nonstop about the American lead space project involving gravity. It was cool Sid would admit to herself but not in mega doses as the radio deemed to prescribe. Lucky thing she had her phone and an emergency playlist.

        Sid heard the blare of the horn coming from the semi truck through her earbuds. She saw the truck before it struck. She saw her dad fight with the wheel as the car started to tip from the over steer. She remembered screaming “NO!” in her mind and bracing for the impact. Several things happened next. The car was struck and Sid was splattered in her dad's blood as he did instantly. The force pinning her to the seat as it fought with belt to throw her out of the car. Her mother's scream silenced as the car landed upside down in a steep ditch. The pain in her head the sting of tears in her eyes the taste of copper in her mouth. Then the pitch black of nothingness.

        Sid awoke feeling warm. Her vision clouded by black smoke but her breathing was fine. She pushed away from the seat and the belt snapped. She forced the door open and it came off at the hinges. She stumbled out a distance from the car supporting herself on a nearby tree. She looked back and saw flames engulfing the car. The pain in her head and the panic of seeing the car she ran into the woods until she was lost. Then she exhausted and overcome by the throbbing in her head she collapsed.
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          I'm going to start a game of my own soon that kind of goes in something of an opposite direction - Aberrant set in the present (2016), in a world almost 18 years after the Galatea explosion and a whole generation of people has grown up along with the idea of superbeings and "weird science" as realities of day-to-day life. Anyway, what you're doing looks pretty interesting too and would like seeing more of it if you're up to posting it in the future.

          October, goddamn my distraction - well at least i'm just a few months late, not necroing some thread 2-3 years dead.
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