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    Do as the title says.
    Post your characters here. Be they adaptations of marvel or aeonverse entirely. Leave requests. If you dare.
    Requests: The Tick

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    Inspired by Iron Man I present CEO and majority owner of McFox Industries Griffin McFox.

    Griffin McFox is the handsome playboy that is constantly getting into trouble because he can not ignore a woman...

    Quote from Colonel Yakov Zmei: "Yes McFox this weapon is fine, but what is the range of the sonic portion?"
    Griffin stares at Dr. Martinique pouting at her rejection of the new carbine.
    "McFox!" The Colonel bellowed. Griffin jumped at the bellow.
    "What was your question, Tightwad?" Griffin said his eyes never leaving Dr Martinique's body as she bent over a new carbine.
    "The range on the sonic portion?" The Colonel said in a short clipped voice.
    Griffin shrugged as he answered. "75 meters atmospheric pressure and distortion make it hard to boost it further."

    Griffin McFox was an undercover teleported left behind as a Monitor by the order when they left Earth. Griffin McFox despises biotech weapons, and is engaged in a contest with the CFO of Gregoravich Biotechnology Ltd in who can get a date with Eliza Bohlzman Luna's most famous holojournalist. Despite his womanizing and joking manner Griffin is deadly serious in protecting Humanity from external threats.


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      "...that's right Phil, the four houses surrounding the Thompson's residence as well has the Thompson's residence itself are completely leveled. Emergency rescue crews have pulled 14 bodies from the ruble so far and sensitive viewers might want to turn away now, but as you can see from the covered tarps, only violently dismembered body parts have been found from the Thompson's residence itself."

      "There are upwards of 40 wounded so far in the surrounding neighborhood, as the blast damaged most of the houses in the surrounding blocks as well. Current suspicions lean heavily towards Nova power use, although who would commit such a savage act in this quiet community its unknown at this point..."

      "Veronica, we need to break from you, We here at GNN (Generic News Network) are the first to bring you a YouTube post originating from the Thompson's household. Posted by Gregory Thompson, age 19, the eldest of the Thompson children under the username GlendaSprFan!!!. As you can see in the video, Gregory seems to be ranting about the injustices of the superstar Glenda being snubbed and not receiving a Grammy nomination, becoming progressively more violent as he throws things about his room. He clutches his head as things continue to fly about the room by themselves before the recording equipment is presumably destroyed in the some sort of telekinetic blast."

      "Dr. Samantha Vickers, a noted psychologist joins us. Doctor, did we really just see a young man Erupt into a Nova due to his outrage at a middling pop star being snubbed by the Grammys?"

      "Sadly Phil, it is entirely possible, research seems to indicate that Novas Erupt under physical and or psychological stress. Obsession's such as those evidenced by so called Super Fans are just as dangerous to them psychologically as those we have seen in celebrity stalkers. Since this Gregory Thompson seems to have Erupted in the middle of a tantrum focused on his obsessive interest, it is likely that his Nova powers would be extremely destructive. I am not a Nova expert, but from the literature I have read, while it seems rare for an initial display of power to match the scale of destruction seen around the Thompson's home, it would seem a reasonable assumption that this tantrum is the source of all the destruction."

      "Doctor., do you think this Tantrum Thompson managed to destroy himself in along with his family and neighbors?"

      "From what I have read Phil, most Novas are immune to their own powers, so no, I am afraid that anything that upsets him will only ..."

      "Doctor, sorry to interrupt, but we are heading over to our national affiliate that has reports of massive destruction at the home of Glenda...."