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Any news about when new editions will be published/buyable?

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  • Any news about when new editions will be published/buyable?

    I know things are on the schedule, but is there any sign of the new stuff showing up?

    Thank-you for your kindness.

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    It's currently being worked on. The setting stuff is basically done, and the mechanics are being worked on. To the best of my understanding, more concrete info will be known in the new year.

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      What Fox said - while we don't have much on specifics yet, because among other things Onyx Path has a bunch of WoD and CoD-related announcements going right now in the wake of the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness labels/editions update, it looks like the Trinity set (Adventure! - Aberrant - Aeon) will get one soon enough, as there has been Dev talk of something being presented next summer (north hemisphere, just to clear it up for the southern people in Brasil, Australia and a bunch of other places).

      At least that's what i can remember right now, but would have to check out other topics to glean details and be sure of anything.
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        On a related note we're keeping a 'What we know so far' Google doc over on the Aeon Continuum G+ fan community if you want to keep up with various news snippets. Link to doc is with the other links on the right panel.

        But yup, last we heard was we'll see more updates probably in the new year. There's been nothing official on publication timescales (hard deadlines not being an OPP thing this far out).

        Ad Astra


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          Still looking for news. Still grateful to have it.