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Books missing from DTRPG?

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  • Books missing from DTRPG?

    On the DriveThruRPG website for OPP there seem a few books missing. I'm looking at the list of books on the WhiteWolf Wiki and the ones not on the site are: Project Utopia, Reign of, and Worldwide Phase I. Is there a particular reason they're not available in PDF?

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    I can't say for sure, but there were a few books when OPP was doing a big push to try to get as much of the back catalog up to DTRPG that they didn't have good files for, leaving a some as either just scans of copies someone had, until the energy could go into redoing them properly. It's possible some of the books have had trouble along this process (it has been fairly slow going since they started for a number of reasons).


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      Yeah, many never had an actual PDF form. Nowadays, that's the file the actual book is printed from, but before it was a different standard so the PDFs don't even exist.

      It also means a surprising amount of 90's RPG artwork isn't available online anywhere.