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    I have been looking to expand my games range. After reviewing powers and the like I feel that I am going in circles throwing the same things at my players. So I am looking for some homebrew powers to help me augment my games. Any suggestion would be great.

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    I had a character once, a tanky speedster type. Called himself Roach.

    He had a power called "Juggernaut." Level 4, Quantum 6 minimum. This is obviously a high level power, so I'm not sure if it's appropriate for what you're going for.

    The mechanic basically went

    When struck by a source of damage and taking at least one Health Level of damage, the Nova may roll Stamina + Juggernaut. Each success gives the Nova 6 soak against that particular sort of damage (Fire, ice, bludgeoning, cutting, etc) for the duration. Maintenance.
    So yeah. It was a level 4 power that gave you invulnerability. The idea was "You'd better kill me with the first shot."

    I think it allowed Quantum + Node iterations of itself running simultaneously, but that could get expensive fast


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      One thing I have found is that instead of coming up with new powers from scratch, one thing that I do in Aberrant is to re-review the Strengths and Weaknesses section of the Player's Guide. Combining this with explaining/describing powers differently can really unlock a lot of variety in Aberrant, especially when you consider things like the linked weakness (as long as it's not just an attempt to cheese it) or the one where you target through different senses.

      As an example of this, since I am actually playing an Aberrant game right now... I have a character who has Clone, but with the weakness that none of the Clones have powers (since he was using them to kind of pull a Dr. Manhattan "research all the time" thing) and with extended duration and the Mind link extra. The way I describe it is that it isn't a number of different characters telepathically communicating, but that there is one mind expressed through all the different clones.

      To be able to compensate for this weakness, rather than buying it off he has a version of Teleport which only works to switch the one of him with powers with his Clone. Using the weakness of Target Restriction with a bonus to the dice rolled. This combination of tweaks and different descriptions have resulted in a lot of fun role play and different situations.

      Another option is interesting combinations of abilities. One concept character that I never played, but when I enjoyed pushing the limits of the system was a Hyperspeed 5 character with Momentum Control. On top of every speed enhancing enhancement that I could manage, Momentum Control allowed him to push speeds 100% faster than normal Hyperspeed 5 characters on a routine basis. One of my favorite tactics that I thought of for him was going to be going full speed and then using Momentum Swap & Momentum Rotation on a target using multiple actions to shoot problems into space or into scenery.

      If that fails, the three "supplements" of Brainwaves, Forceful Personalities and New Flesh do have some examples of new powers. I just find a lot from those books and the old Fan Compendium to be cheese-tacular. This is particularly true of the Fan Compendium which suffers from the problem of "It's like X power... but better" or "This isn't a Level 4 power... really..."