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    Hey all,

    So I recently took Aberrant off my shelf again and the whole love I have for it came back. With me being in a bit of a scifi mood I came to the thought of a campaign saga where the players are novas who are part of a colony project designed to settle on an extra-solar world, Earth in the distant past, some sort of parallel dimension, or even a sort of beyond space realm of power. Not knowing entirely how I would set such a thing up to be believable, I would like to put it to you all. I would like to see if anyone here has ideas on a set up, backstory, plot design, or campaign element for such a theme.

    At a base idea I have the concept that the players are part of the nova branch of a colony project. They are among the movers and shakers and leaders and agents of the colony authority. In the colony itself they are asked to use their powers to help build the colony, while at the same time they are the ones who go out of the colony on fact finding missions, search and procurement missions, monster hunting missions, research and development missions, and other such things. There are baselines in the colony, though I go more with the novas having positions of power based on being novas, though on that I am open to possibility.

    But how would such a mission come about, if we use the standard Aberrant timeline and design. And where would such a project have their colony set on, and how would they get to said colony.

    I would love to hear any thoughts you all might have on this.

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    Have you read The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman? The stepwise Earths might be a good place to start.


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      Originally posted by ajf115 View Post
      Have you read The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman? The stepwise Earths might be a good place to start.
      No I haven't but the setting looks interesting upon looking it up.


      Here is a campaign idea. It's a variant history to standard Aberrant.


      Campaign Idea

      A low key Aberrant campaign, well I say it starts low key but given time the power level will be ramped up.

      Its 2163 and the world is dying - the world is a nightmare of smog and desolation and overpopulation in cities that are basically the size of states themselves. There are attempts to try and fix it, but even the most capable scientist has begun to realize that its probably too late and that too much has been done and that its just a matter of time before the world is doomed.

      In 2148 the Galatea, a high-physic orbital satellite station, exploded, sending quantum aspected particles over all the world. It had various side effects (the beginning presence of metahuman abilities being one) but even more importantly it lit up the quantum tapestry to such a level that a tear was found in the fabric of space-time. Study of this tear would eventually lead to the discovery that it could be used to create a portal to another parallel world, an Earth like clone set in a period similar to the Jurassic and Cretaceous of prehistoric history (which does in fact mean dinosaurs). The presence of unusual crystal growths and the discovery of clearly ancient and artificial glyphs have indicated many mysteries to be found on the world.

      Soon the government of the world (which had been formed from the former nation states) came together in alliance with the Aeon Society to create a number of connected projects. These projects would work to study and analyze and secure and protect and research the anomaly and what it could be used for. Soon this would lead to the building of the Portal Terminus which would lead to the world of Eden which would see the birth of a colony on it, to try and provide a place where humanity could go to when Earth itself died.

      It is now the time for the launch of the Third Pilgrimage, which will have over a hundred people (a mix of civilian, military, and scientist engineer) going to Eden. This will see the start of the Eden Colony. The players are going to be a special team of agents assigned to the colony, people with skills and abilities that make their presence a boon for both in colony and out world operations.

      The characters are all novas - part of the 'secretive' gathering of metahumans which manifested during the Galatea Explosion. Abilities are character creation are Mega-Attributes and Enhancements, with some level 1 and a few low-key level 2 powers, but nothing super flashy. Obviously time on the new world will increase the available free energy that novas can have, in various ways. I think this could be fun, it has potential and it could grow in different ways.

      Example, the portal is at first one way but given time can be two-way. At first travel is between only Earth and Eden, but eventually other worlds can be found. A colony on Eden will at some point probably want to be free from Earth control, which could lead to interesting stories. The presence of novas on Earth who gain greater power on Eden could lead to novas using their powers on Earth itself, changing the power play. Dinosaurs of interesting monstrous natures could be interesting. Rebel movements on Eden could create instability. The presence of the glyphs could lead to interesting questions.

      All in all, quite a lot of potential.


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        Or, use one of the very few Level 4 powers that can be gained by a low level nova, Cross Time Travel. Due to lack of errata to the contrary, it has a Quantum Minimum of 2. It allows going through parallel worlds.


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          Originally posted by thedonnie View Post
          Or, use one of the very few Level 4 powers that can be gained by a low level nova, Cross Time Travel. Due to lack of errata to the contrary, it has a Quantum Minimum of 2. It allows going through parallel worlds.
          On one hand I can see why - if a campaign has such a focus then its probably going to be GM granted and not something that needs to be that high level, from a player balance perspective. So putting it at Quantum 2 showcases how similar to some of the other powers it could be. In a game that lacks such travel a GM is going to probaly say no anyway, no matter what level and quantum minimum it is.


          By any chance, any thoughts on my little mini-setting above?


          Also I was recently reading the Aberrant Nexus fan-made pdf that was published recently and it had a note about the suggessted rules on taking an Adventure! Stalwart and turning them into a Nova. The whole epic nature of this sort of campaign sounds really cool in theory and could potentailly be super fun if the right group is found.

          I could even see using the variant setting I created above. The players play Stalwarts of Adventure! fame upon the explosion of the Galatea in 2148, between then and 2163 they grow as Stalwarts and gain Inspiration. Then they are chosen by Aeon Society and its Project Utopia (which is the organization that sponsors the Eden Expedition) and head over by portal to Eden. Upon being at Eden for a bit they face certain situations that lead them to go through the process of Eruption, though I might call it something else, becoming Quantum 1ish Novas.

          The interesting and fun potential of this is that the whole distopian cyberpunk nature of the Earth of the 2100s has the potential for a pulp action game and stuff, and thus it could be really cool.

          Just wanted to share the idea and seek out the thoughts of others!