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Enhancements in TC: Aberrant

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  • Enhancements in TC: Aberrant

    So: with Epic Attributes being replaced by Storypath's Scale rules, Scion will be turning some of their Epic Attribute Knacks into Purviews (roughly akin to Quantum Powers), while the rest of them are being reorganized around its new system of Callings. So what about TC: Aberrant? Like Scion's Epic Attributes, Mega-Attributes are being replaced by the new Scale rules. So what's going to happen to the former Mega-Attribute Enhancements?

    My hope: almost nothing. Keep the Enhancements as Enhancements, and keep them organized more or less as they are: e.g., Sensory Enhancements instead of Mega-Perception Enhancements, Appearance Enhancements instead of Mega-Appearance Enhancements, and so on. The above takes advantage of the fact that the Enhancement categories wouldn't have to conform to the attribute grid (you can still have Sensory and Appearance even though Perception and Appearance are no longer on the grid), and it's possible that some rearranging of the remaining Enhancements might be in order (e.g., merging former Mega-Strength and Mega-Stamina Enhancements into a single category); but there's no need for a radical reorganization like the way Scion's Callings replace the Attribute-based organization of Knacks.

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    Far too early to determine that.

    Ian A. A. Watson
    Onyx Path Community Manager