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    Originally posted by SpectacularTentacular View Post

    I agree, it has problems. What I'm interested in is, what are they doing instead?
    Hopefully we will have hints from the Scion KS.


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      I don't mind Mal and such types I just want to play them.


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        Drawing of Worm, what if they didn't do archetypes per se, but threat ratings: Some Brutes are tough, but there's a lot of variation - In toughness some just have endurance, some are just dense enough to deflect small arms fire, some negate/ignore applied force, some regenerate, some are conditionally invincible. Expanding into hybrid ratings, a Brute/Blaster can have a reactive explosion as a response to damage, a Brute/Shaker can be a dragon standing inside a firestorm, and a Brute/Stranger can be tough by making you miss.

        For those who aren't fans, the threat ratings are

        Brute - Tough or strong. Bricks, Regenerators, Tactile-telekinesis. The flying paragon is a Brute/Mover/Thinker. Low priority target to capture/eliminate
        Mover - Quick or evasive. Speedsters, flyers and teleporters. Phasers are Mover/Breakers. Low Priority target to capture/eliminate
        Shaker - Environmental effects. Barriers, Telekinesis, Wide area-effects, Bad Zone effects.
        Striker - Bad Touch/Status Effects. May be a disability for another category to limit it. Example: Striker/Shaker touch an object, and then you are able to telekinetically control within a range.
        Blaster - Ranged power, usually offensive. Blaster/Mover effects have noted knockback; Note: Many Blaster powers have rider effects that are independently rated.
        Breaker - Ignore physics, change into a different state. Man of light, girl of shadow, etc.
        Changer - Change shape. Sometimes combines with Change or Stranger.
        Thinker - Enhanced intelligence/wisdom/charisma, super-senses, clairvoyance, retro/precognition. High priority target to capture/eliminate.
        Tinker - Super-invention, usually with either a focus (bombs, efficacy) or a limitation (anything you make must have a countdown timer involved somehow)
        Master - You have minions. You can make them out of whole cloth, spawn them, co-opt/control them, or just command them really well. At it's worst the Instant Army power. High priority target to capture/eliminate
        Stranger - You control perceptions, esspessally in regards to person, place and time. Invisibility, subtle Illusions, Someone Else's Problem Effects, etc. High priority target to capture/eliminate.
        Trump - Your power influences or modifies other powers, or has multiple settings beyond mere power stunts. Skill drain, Power Boost, the Nemesis power, the Adaptation power, etc.