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Razor bow, elven questions (pathfinder)

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  • Razor bow, elven questions (pathfinder)

    So I have a few questions, do feats like weapon focus/specialization affect both the bow and melee aspects of this Weapon? Are the blades and arrows considered different weapon groups for the weapon training fighter ability? Is it available as a Composite Bow? Does the feat Point Blank Shot affect melee damage done with the bow?
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    I would say Weapon Focus/Specialization feats apply to a single weapon, so I'd give the bonus for both melee and ranged. The razor bow trades a standard elf's potentially higher damage with a longbow or longsword for versatility in melee and ranged, so allowing these feats shouldn't be overpowered and is in keeping with the purpose of the weapon.

    However, for fighter weapon training, you're talking about broad groups of weapons, not focusing on just one, so I would say two separate categories: light blades for melee and bows for ranged.

    The razor bow is not available as a composite bow, RAW, but that's up to your GM.

    Point Blank Shot should apply only to ranged attacks with the razor bow.