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Playing around with character builds (pathfinder)

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  • Playing around with character builds (pathfinder)

    So in the new Scarred lands rules for Pathfinder there is a new race called Hollow Legioniarres who are souls of the honored dead reborn as living suits of armor. They have access to a few abilities related to being mobile and wearing armor really well. There is also a fighter archetype for Pathfinder called the armor master that allows you to rack up some pretty impressive damage reduction by 5th level and now all I can think of is "SPOOOOOOON!"

    The best part is your character just emerges from a metal spire in the gleaming Valley a complete blank slate formed as an adult, no past, no memories. You float out of the spire, inhabit a suit of armor and then do justice, your character does not eat or sleep or have any traditional wants or needs beyond a suit of armor and possibly a weapon so you can pace around rooftops delivering soliloquy after soliloquy about righteousness.

    what have you guys worked out?

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    Mantacora are basically made for archery fighter/monk builds, a bonus to dex and wisdom and perception always as a class skill? Forget about it, intensely capable of ruling the party's damage capability and damn near impossible to supprise.

    Orcs are terrifying combatants, +4 strength is mean. Going either two handed weapon fighter or archery ranger basically ends fights and with diehard means you are impossible to put down.

    Slitheren win the prize for most survivable wizard/witch, the stats are ideal, and the option of being small creatures or gain a bonus to concentration and umd checks is delightful and the ability to use short bows is the cherry on top.
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      Kavek Skytower

      Human (country) 1st level conjurer (creation)
      Lawful good
      Init ; Senses ; Perception 3

      AC 10; Touch 11; Flat-Footed 10
      HP 8; Wounds —; Non-Lethal
      Fort 2 (+1 racial); Ref 1 (+1 racial); Will 5 (+1 racial)
      DR —; Immune —; Resist —; SR

      Speed 30;
      Melee -1 Fist (1d2 -1, 20); B; Non lethal
      Ranged +0 Acid splash (1d3, -); Acid; Spell
      Spell-Like Abilities
      Create Gear 6/6

      Spells Known/Prepared
      1st—Mage Armor, Grease (1/1), Summon Monster I, Crafter's Fortune (1/1), Unseen Servant (1/1), Enlarge Person
      0th—Resistance, Acid Splash (1/1), Drench, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Read Magic, Ghost Sound, Daze, Haunted Fey Aspect, Jolt, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Open/Close, Root, Arcane Mark (1/1), Prestidigitation (1/1)


      Str 8, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 17, Wis 14, Cha 13
      Base Atk 0; CMB
      Corean's Blessing, Hedge Wizard
      Feats Skill Focus, Fast learner, Scribe Scroll, Weapon proficiency: hand ax, Weapons proficiency: throwing ax

      Skills Craft: Armor 11 (+2 Masterwork), Knowledge Arcana 7, Knowledge Engineering 7, Perception 3, Profession: Architect 9, Spellcraft 10 (+3)
      Languages Ledean, Veshian, Dwarvish, Orcish, Calistian.
      SQ Heart of the Fields, Focused Study, Summoner's Charm (Su), Create Gear (Su), Arcane Bond (Ex or Sp), Adaptable
      Gear Item (clothing): Artisan's outfit, Gear: Spellbook, Tools/skill kits: Spell component pouch, Tools/Skill kit: Armorers tools, Masterwork, Adventuring gear: Backpack, Adventuring gear: Waterproof bag, Adventuring gear: Bedroll, Adventuring gear: Waterskin, Food and drink: Trail rations (6), Gear: Signet ring; Money 2 gp, 4 sp
      Kavek is my magical architect, a devout worshiper of Corean and patriot of Durrover who longs to build a new Skykeep and rain hell on Calistia. Orphaned by Calistian raids on his village Kavek was made a ward of an Order of Iron where he was educated and worked as an apprentice to fund his education in magic and the arts of building.


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        Further exploration shows that Orcs are really the ideal melee combatant in any situation. Hollow Knights are a worthy second but very little beats +4 strength.


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          Current build I'll show off soon is divine archer mantacora. Going with Tanil as your God and feather subdomain you get a massive perception bonus, you only need a 13 dex because the to hit for archery is wisdom based but you still need to qualify for deadly aim (all other ranged feats are granted by the class and are not attribute depndant). So you get a character who has a nice combat role, is a primary caster and who's combat stat is the same as their casting stat, with massive perception skill to boot.