We're trying to work out where certain landmarks are located in Vesh, specifically ones mentioned in Vigils of Vesh section of Secrets and Societies -- Bride Lake (where the Vigil Watch Fortress is located) and Riverrock (the headquarters of the Arcernoth Delta Vigil).

Presumably there are many small rivers and lakes that aren't shown on the various maps of Scarn, particularly on the big map of Ghelspad. So it's conceivable to add a lake for Bride Lake. I've been assuming Bride Lake is relatively close to Lave, since the Home Commander is in Lave and the Beltanian Vigil take their orders from him. So I figure it's somewhere in Northeast Vesh between Lave and Mullis Town.

Riverrock is trickier. It's described as build in enemy territory in the Mourning Marshes. I figure it's built on solid rock on an island or shores at a river, based on the name. The best map I've found of the Mourning Marshes is in "Vigil Watch: Warrens of the Ratmen" on page 36, which details out a bunch of slitheren settlements and other enemies and hazards. There's not much space between enemy locations to build a fortress, assuming the scale is accurate and I use one of the existing rivers shown on the map. The scale is questionable, as it doesn't match the scale on the big Ghelspad map -- Over 200 miles across on the Ghelspad map, and less than 100 on the Warren's map. I'm thinking of putting Raiverrock under the letter "D" in the word "Diseased" on the Warren's map, as that's the intersection of two rivers (where a nice big rock island might fit well), and about 10 miles from any threat on the map using the smaller scale.

What do you folks think?

And yes, it does sound like I'm overthinking this, but I have reasons.