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  • 5e Druid Question

    I wanted to make a Circle of the Moon druid, but it does not appear that the Circle of the Moon archetype is not acceptable in the RAW. Am I reading it right? Do those of you here come to the same conclusion?

    If I am wrong, how does the Incarnate Prestige Class fit with the Circle of the Moon? The Incarnate Wild Incarnation forms seem too powerful if they benefit from some Moon druid class features, such as changing shape as a bonus action, because of the Incarnate's at will Wild Incarnation ability; however, the Incarnate Wild Incarnation forms are pretty weak without Moon druid benefits like higher form CR or having the attacks of Wild Incarnation forms be treated as magical. What do you all think?

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    They were not authorized to use the Circle of the Moon in the book (it is not part of what WotC has licensed), so I would say it would be possible to have them in the Scarred Lands. I haven't read the Incarnate class not am I really familiar with the Circle of the Moon so I would not comment any further on their interaction, but my bet is that the features of the Circle of the Moon don't apply to the Wild Incarnation (otherwise it would have been called Wild Shape instead).

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      Here is the thing though ... for other classes, and for the Circle of the Land in the Druid description, the paragraphs at the beginning of the class descriptions in the SLPG make (sometimes vague) references to the archetypes in the D&D Player's Handbook and how these archetypes fit into the Scarred Lands. However, there is no such reference for the Circle of the Moon archetype under the Druid description! This lack of reference when other archetypes are clearly (if obliquely) referenced lead me to my conclusion that the Circle of the Moon is not acceptable.