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Stillsleeve question (pathfinder)

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  • Stillsleeve question (pathfinder)

    Does stillsleeve count as made of metal for the purpose of special materials? Can my legionare monk get dr 1 from adamantite stillsleeve, can a human wizard get mithral stillsleeve with no casty penalty?

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    Unofficial response, of course, but I would say, based on the description for stillsleave that no, it doesn't count as metal. However, you could probably make a case that it should...


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      IMO, stillsleeve should definitely count as metal. The copper threads and brass piping (per the description, SLPG 117) could be switched out with adamantine or mithril, granting the usual benefits of those materials. Of course, the GM is always the final arbiter.

      Mind you, your wizard would be better off, maybe, just buying a sorcerer's steel mail shirt (~2,200 gp) as opposed to a mithril stillsleeve -- which would be about 5,200 gp, I think, per core rules.
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        Ed: Double post.
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          How much metal makes something count as metal though? A little bit of brass piping? A full Jack Black?

          Or, put another way, thinking of Studded Leather. Those studs are usually metal, and there's usually a lot of them. They may even have a mesh backing them under the leather. But the leather armor doesn't count as metal. Is the stillsleeve substantially more metal than that? (If it is, I'm picturing it wrong... which has happened from time to time, being the death uthriach of lost dreams...)