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  • Holy vindicator (pathfinder)

    I'm going to run a Scarred Lands campaign using pathfinder soon, and one of my players wants to play a paladin/holy vindicator
    I'm not an expert of this setting, and I was wondering which deities he could serve, and how to fluff the holy vindicator


    My English sucks. Sorry.

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    Paladins in the Scarred Lands setting usually follow Corean, who is pretty much the god of Paladins.

    That said, it's entirely possible under the PF rules to play a Paladin of a Lawful Neutral or Neutral Good god, like Hedrada or Madriel, and there are a few other Lawful Good lesser god choices out there, like Goran (the dwarf god) and Tamul (camel god?).

    From what I'm seeing of the Holy Vindicator, Corean and Goran seem like good choices, with Hedrada and Madriel, not quite as on-theme, but still valid choices. (Tamul doesn't seem quite ready for prime-time...)


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      I'd say Corean and Madriel. I actually wouldn't go with Goran as much. He doesn't have much in his theme in the way of stigmata, where Corean (holy defender) and Madriel (first angel of mercy who throws herself at Chern to protect the drendali and dwarves) have a bit more of that.

      Tamul I am not sure he really shows the same sort of protection outside of his chosen people and only for his chosen people (as per his Strange Lands writeup, so subject to change whenever the writers get around to doing Asherak, as I hope they will). BUT... Tukulti the demigoddess of Oasis! She definitely has some things that might work well.