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Consequences of nay-theism in scarred lands?

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  • Consequences of nay-theism in scarred lands?

    So in the tvtropes scarred lands article it mentions there are people who don't worship the gods, either because they question whether they're really objectively better than the titans, because they question what standard makes someone a "god," or because they just don't want to worship anyone for whatever reason. It also mentions it's a frowned upon attitude.

    I'm wondering just how frowned upon it is. Is it, people will be twofaced buttmonkey polite to your face frowned upon, people will chase you out of town in big unruly mob with torches and pitchforks frowned upon, or somewhere in between?

    I'm also curious what the afterlife situation is for them. Is it similar to forgotten realms where the gods glue you to a wall forever, or are you just judged like anyone else?

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    Depends where the the nay-theists would be from. (The remainder of this paragraph is based on old lore.) Some places have a much more lax view of gods than others (the northern continent of Fenrilik, for instance, was mostly populated by titan-worshippers). Many less "civilized" places in Termana believe the gods are just weird Ushadi-children that went rogue (or some such).

    In Ghelspad, you'd most likely get frowned at quite sternly, at best. Some of the orcs or Redeemed might be OK with it. Other places, like Calastia, would probably burn you as a heretic.

    For the afterlife, the new lore hasn't ever answered that question, but the old lore seemed to assume that if you didn't worship a god, either you'd be put into reincarnation or Nemorga would do what was best for you. I'd have to review some of the old metaphysics to give a better answer (as I'm going entirely off memory right now).