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Who used to play in Fangsfall Moderated?

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  • Who used to play in Fangsfall Moderated?

    Hey all!

    Just curious who used to play on the old moderated Javachat set in and around Fangsfall? Back when Sword and Sorcery was just getting started and all there was was a list of Gods and Titans and the small titan spawn swarmed peninsular? Characters like Lance Vallorn? the wizard Simon and all the others who fought coal goblins and illusory dragons and used to hang out in the Skulls Tavern or the Gardens of Mercy or the Corean Chapterhouse and went adventuring in the Quarry or took on the Vampire Knight?

    If your around please shout out as I'd love to see who's about.

    Fangsfall chat character: Juen Dark the shepherdess paladin

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    A long... long time ago, I did for a short while before Relics & Rituals 2 came out. My character wasn't anything special that anyone would remember (never made it out of level 1).

    ...but it is where I might Nightfall. And then fell out of touch with him later.

    ...and also where we found out Scythe Falcons should not be Animals. (My druid had a scythe falcon as a companion and in a scuffle with one of the like... 2 or 3 5th level characters, ended up entirely accidentally vorpalizing his head.)


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      Thanks for the reply :-) I'm surprised there haven't been more given how well knit the community was back in the day.


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        I might have been.

        Conrad often used me as an initial GM to help launch the various chat sites, filling in more GMs later. When Fangsfall launched, I was the DM in charge of sorcerers, echoing my purview over Mages in New Bremen.

        I was, at various points, a GM on New Bremen, Dark Ages: Bremen, Fangsfall, the Trinity Universe chat (and later the consolidated d20 Unmoderated), Jade City, and Rookhausen. I think the only one I wasn't really involved with was the nWoD Mods .

        Ian A. A. Watson
        Onyx Path Community Manager


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          All the cool places then Ian?

          I certainly played in most of those, Changeling and Werewolf on NB, Vampire and Werewolf (and one time Asst St for Templars/Mortals) in DA:NB, Scarlett Naryss in the original Jade City and I forget my EX2 character when it rebooted but was certainly an Eclipse.

          Now I'm curious to see who else slowly comes out the woodwork :-)

          For the curious, one of the reasons I am asking is i'm working on a small project to put up through Slarecian Vault which is based around Fangsfall (it was so awesome and yet in both the original and current books gets only a couple of short paragraphs) that I'm plugging away at a bit of an adventurers guide style of things and I;d love to speak to old hands from back in the day as of course some of my inspiration is based off of those chat games.


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            I've got descriptions of all the rooms from the old Fangsfall site on the Wiki if you want inspiration.

            Ian A. A. Watson
            Onyx Path Community Manager


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              Ian that is truly awesome :-) I had a few old notes kicking around from adventures and things back in the day but that's really handy.


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                Brings back so many memories of 2001-2002.


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                  It really does *wipes a nostalgic tear from eye*


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                    I got in trouble and de-sanctioned for having a plot (I was running games when players could volunteer to do so) that slowly hinted at the Jack of Tears being related to the Slarecians and being something of Titan-level power himself.

                    About 2 years later when Echoes of the Past and Blood Bayou came out, I admit (perhaps to my shame) my smugness was so... SO high.