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[Dead Man's Rust] Traveling between the elven clans

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  • [Dead Man's Rust] Traveling between the elven clans

    Warning: Potential spoiler for Dead Man's Rust!

    So, I'm currently reading the manuscript for Dead Man's Rust, and I got a few questions about chapter 2, in particular navigating between the different elven villages/clans

    a) will there be a map showing the locations of the different villages? from the description we can infer a few that should be close to one another, but otherwise it is difficult to figure it out

    b) what are the travel time between the different villages? is it a couple of hours? a couple of days?

    c) how dangerous is the forest around the elven villages? it's not clear if we should use the inforation from chapter 3 or if it's slightly less corrupted.

    d) about the dwarven village, the Council section seems to imply that some of the villagers (at least) are aligned with a certain clans, and that more than one clan is represented. It is very confusing however, and how the clans mesh with the dwarven villagers is not well explained (except for the Artisan, I understand that they are fro; outside of the village, which is why they are alignes with a clan). So, are the council actually elves from outside the village too? Are the different dwarven families aligned with specific clans?
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    a. Yes
    b. The travel time varies village to village, though I'll make a note that a table might be good to include, if we have room.
    c. I'm not entirely sure I follow the question, but I will go through that section and see if I can sort out an answer. If you want to avoid spoilers, you can always private message me the details.

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