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    I introduced my group to Scarred Lands in the early days of the Ghelspad book. We were playing 3.0-3.5 back then and getting used to the increased crunch and the sizeable increase in survivability built into those editions compared to 1st and 2nd Edition. I have always thought that this campaign world was the best ever released by a publisher, my players almost all of them, agreed.

    But there was always the issue of the world being very harsh and difficult to survive in in principle, and the power levels of 3.5 working against this. Pathfinder made this worse, and whilst it is the better iteration of 3.5, it is now a cookie-cutters paradise which punishes non-min-maxing play. The one thing that favours Pathfinder is the backwards compatibility levels allowing relative ease of conversion. In my opinion however, this is nor enough to make Pathfinder and it's significant in-built power-creep the best system, merely the easiest. I understand the weight behind the calls for it being Pathfinder first, but like World of Warcraft, it's not because PF is the best thing around anymore, it's simply the number of people invested in it playing out.

    Personally, RuneQuest 6 would be the best fit for the grittiness of the game world, but the conversion work would be immense, and as Design mechanism lose the license next year, a non-starter anyway. Savage Worlds would be a decent fit for the tone of the gameworld, but again, a lot of work involved in it's conversion. 13th Age would work fine, but the limitations of the system would mean the significant variance in character design and concept inherent to the many choices in Scarred Lands would make this a big job of conversion too.

    Considering all the different factors, 5th Edition hits the balance point between these the best.

    It does gritty and threatening to high levels well - the wonderful depth and breadth of the dangerous world of Scarn wouldn't melt into the irrelevant background as the GM was forced to run the party around in their increasingly ridiculous and stratospheric 'CR bubble' that you are forced to do with 3.5 and Pathfinder; Spider Eye Goblins could take out a party of 1st levels, and threaten in far greater numbers a high level party - no need to always roll out some world-shaking BBEG every time the heroes step out of the gates of Mithral or Hollowfaust. On the compatibility side, the subclass system and newly introduced Prestige Class compatibility would make conversion easier than a non-d20 system.

    5th Edition Scarred Lands will have me empty my wallet without hesitation. I certainly hope these is a variant that caters in full to this best-match combination.
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      To toss in my opinion, I'm running 5th edition so it would be great to see products built for that game... but I'm not conversion-shy, so products made for Pathfinder or any other similar game are basically just as appealing to me even though I don't run those games.

      Not so noble anymore.