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  • Big Mac
    started a topic Greetings from The Piazza

    Greetings from The Piazza

    I'm David "Big Mac" Shepheard, and I'm one of the global moderators at The Piazza.
    The Piazza is a set of forums that were set up after Wizards of the Coast merged the forums for out of print D&D campaign settings into a single forum. The Piazza is both edition neutral and setting neutral (so we are happy to see people playing D&D in all of its forms). The forums we host have grown beyond its original goal of replacing the forums that got merged and we now even have some forums for non-D&D campaign settings (like World of Warcraft, Freeport, Calidar and Midgard).

    We launched our Scarred Lands forum, back on the 28th of February 2011 and have nearly 100 Scarred Lands topics, containing over 1,000 posts there now. We have been collecting useful links for Scarred Lands GMs. I spotted your official website, forums and Facebook page today, and you just got added to our list of "Other Scarred Lands Websites".
    I thought I would say hello to everyone here, on behalf of The Piazza. Please feel welcome to come over and use our Scarred Lands or other forums.

    It would be great if one of more of the people working for The Onyx Path would come over and talk to the fans that have been talking about what they hope you will be publishing.

    David "Big Mac" Shepheard
    Global Moderator at The Piazza
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  • KPLangers
    I've contributed at the Scarred Lands Piazza myself They're a friendly and enthusiastic group of fellow gamers that like to support each other in their endeavours.

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