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  • Scarred Lands 5E Sanctuary

    Hi all!

    Back in the day I wrote a lot lf materials for the Scarred Lands and 3E. Now that the new Kickstarter is well under way, and for 5E, and that there is a 5E Open Game License, it's time to revamp all that good old stuff and give it a little lift.

    So I have started updating my previous material for 5E (and more importantly, translate it from French...) that you can find here

    (It is a work in progress, currently it only contains a few class features and items, but it will grow progressively).

    Enjoy your reading, and do not hesitate to leave some comments or ask questions ^^


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    To celebrate the successful Kickstarter campaign I have finished a first version of this document, with a few new spells and magic items, all completed with a small backstory in the Scarred Lands. The objective was to obtain the same tone and feeling as one of the Relics & Rituals books, so I hope you will enjoy it as fans of the SL

    You'll find the latest here =>

    Have fun all!


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      Wow! Nice work! Thanks for doing this haaz.


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        Huge work, congrats and thanks for sharing