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Scarred Creations: Taking Scarn into Exalted

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  • Scarred Creations: Taking Scarn into Exalted

    Basically what goes in the title - with 3e out and all the homebrewing and world-building going on, i have toyed with idea of taking the Scarred Lands setting out of D&D and into Exalted.

    There's so much in common with in terms of cosmology and backstory that i'm tempted to insert it into Creation as some sort of post-Primordial War/Early First Age kind of era, possibly to mix and match with the Niobraran War.

    One of the first things that crosses the mind is making the Titans into Primordials and the main gods into the Incarnae - or at least extra Incarnae/major gods. Would be quick and simple for certain - and yet i'm not quite certain of doing it, as the Titans as portrayed are not the multi-layered spiritual beings from beyond chaos like the Primordials, but far more material and physical than the gods themselves, so much so that destroying the Titans might put Scarn's existence at risk and while broken & chained they still exist physically in the material world, unlike the gods. Those things make the Titans sound far more like Ur-elementals than Primordial-expies to me.

    And then there are the Slarecians under the earth and whatever mysterious creators of theirs from before the world were imprisoned by the Titans in the making of Scarn....

    Questions, questions... So, i'm still re-reading some books and brainstorming things overall, but would like to hear from other people how would you go at adaping those or other elements of Scarn into Creation, be it as a part of some forgotten age, distant continents or a faraway but similar world lost amidst the tides of the Wyld. Give me your thoughts on the subject.

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    How do i ask the mods to relocate this thread to the Exalted forum? After a month of silence, i'm really thinking of bringing this talk over to another crowd....