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    I can't speak for the fifth edition version but they just posted the Pathfinder table of contents, allowing you to see the races. Asaathi, Dwarves, Elves, Halflings, Hollow Legionnaires, Humans, Ironbred, Manticora, Orcs, and Slitherin.


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      I suspect it would be similar in 5E ^^ Any idea on what they mean by ironbred?


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        Ironborn are from the Book of Iron Might. They're sort of like Warforged from Eberron, it might be something like that. Manticora were feral beast people from one of the Creature Collections.
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          The hollow knights (or legionnaires, as they seem to be called now) already fill the role of the "warforged" in a way (construct humanoid), so it would seem weird to have a second similar race.

          EDIT : looking again at the preview of the ToC, there are two racial traits that seem destined for Sutak. As creations of Thulkas, I guess it would be appropriate to call them Ironbred


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            Originally posted by Purple Snit View Post
            Now, Onyx Path owns the rights to the Scarred Lands setting, and they will be expanding and updating it using the OGL rules, and also using the D&D 5th Edition rules through a similar license.
            5th Edition isn't realised under a similar licence to the Open Gaming Licence. It is released under the exact same OGL that the 3.0 SRD, 3.5 SRD and Modern SRD were released under.

            This is important (from a boring legal point-of-view) because it means that the Scarred Lands designers are only interacting with the Open Game Content of other companies under a single licence. They are not forced to implement changes to the Scarred Lands campaign setting to fit in with some sort of Pathfinder or 5th Edition D&D design decision.

            The fact that all three rules systems are released under the same OGL, means that the Onyx Path designers could take any Pathfinder RPG OGC that they like and convert it to 5th Edition (or retro-convert it to 3.5 Edition) and they could take any 5th Edition OGC they like and convert it to Pathfinder RPG (or retro-convert it to 3.5 Edition).

            This means that they can get on with the job of designing Scarred Lands and not have to worry about adding in and subtracting races to deal with different rules systems.

            David "Big Mac" Shepheard
            Scarnspace is no longer the crystal sphere it once was. The celestial bodies bear horrible scars where gods felled titans. Many of the monstrous races that were created by the titans and gods during the war still survive in the gouged reaches of wildspace.
            You can see more of me at the Scarred Lands forum at The Piazza.


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              Originally posted by HaplessWithDice View Post
              Doesn't though answer the question.
              No. It doesn't answer your question at all.

              I'll answer your question, but you probably won't think I'm answering your question.

              You asked about the 5th Edition Player's Handbook.

              The 5th Edition PHB is not Open Game Content. That means it is illegal (copyright infringement) for Onyx Path to take content from the 5e PHB and use it in the Scarred Lands campaign setting. The exact same thing applied to the 3.0 PHB and the 3.5 PHB.

              Wizards of the Coast has created a number of documents called "System Reference Document" and has released those under the Open Game Licence. Legally, 3rd Party Publishers, like Sword & Sorcery Studios or Onyx Path are only allowed to use content released under the OGL and defined as "Open Game Content".

              So this means that your question turns into the PHB is off limits, but have "Tieflings and Dragonborn ever been released as Open Game Content?

              If you check the Hypertext d20 SRD, you can see that Tieflings were released as an OGC race for 3.5. That means that the original Scarred Lands designers had them available as an option. And it means that even if Paizo didn't convert Tieflings to Pathfinder and even if WotC didn't rerelease Tieflings in their 5e SRD, it would still be totally legal for another company to convert Tieflings to those rules. (In fact, if you check the 5e SRD page for Monsters, you can see that WotC actually didn't rerelease the Tiefling. But as I said, someone else can convert the 3.5 version, as it is already available as OGC.)

              Also, looking at the 5e SRD page for Monsters, you will see that WotC have not released the Dragonborn. (I've not checked the 4e SRD, but the 4e SRD was released under a different licence - called the GSL - or Game System Licence - and it is not legally possible to take content licensed under the GSL and republish it under the OGL, so what the 4e SRD did is not relevant to what Onyx Path are allowed to do now.)

              So the boring legal answer to your question is: Tieflings could legally be added to Scarred Lands, but Dragonborn could not.

              Does anyone know if any of the original Scarred Lands products include Tieflings? Edge of Infinity: The Scarred Planes seems to be Scarred Lands's answer to D&D's Planescape, so I'd look in there, if you own it. Did the Kickstarter raise enough money to get Edge of Infinity: The Scarred Planes onto the Pathfinder/5e conversion schedule?

              However, there is nothing stopping you - as a fan - from adding Tieflings or Dragonborn or anything else to your home game.

              Originally posted by HaplessWithDice View Post
              What about them? My own thoughts are that they could work. Tieflings could be a new race created by Mesos warping humans and tempting them with greater magical power. There appear to be demons in Scarn's cosmology so humans laying with demons for pleasure or one of many other reasons could happen. They might not be common.
              Like I said above, I think you should check Edge of Infinity. But aside from that, I think that sounds like a couple of logical enough ways to incorporate planetouched characters.

              Originally posted by HaplessWithDice View Post
              The dragon born could have been created by the Mother of Serpents but they can easily fit in the setting. Or maybe created by the gods Corean and Vangal to bolster the ranks, since Dragonborn mature quickly according to the core handbook. Though I must admit I am a bit curious as to the role of dragons in the world of Scarn, and how they fit into things. For example were dragons allies of the gods and titians? Did they stay out of the war? Were they the weapon that tipped things in one sides favor? I think that will go a long way to answer what role dragon born play in the setting.
              I don't really know much about Dragonborn. I did play a Dragonborn in the Faceborg game Heroes of Neverwinter, but I've never read the 4e or 5e rules.

              I think you raise a logical question with the role of dragons in Scarred Lands. I don't remember any big specific mentions of dragons in the books that I've read so far. But I am still learning about Scarred Lands, so there might be something I've missed. (I want to pick up the Scarred Lands novels at some point, as novels often give you background information that is sometimes deemed to be too trivial for RPG products.)

              From what I hear from a 4e friend I talk to over at The Piazza, WotC created Dark Sun Dragonborn and Nentir Vale Dragonborn that had radically different backgrounds. So I think you could take the Dragonborn from your 5e PHB, throw out the background description, and add in a new ecology that you think works well with the sort of Scarred Lands game you want to run.

              And if you feel like sharing your fan conversion online, I'm sure there are other fans who would like to see it.

              David "Big Mac" Shepheard
              Scarnspace is no longer the crystal sphere it once was. The celestial bodies bear horrible scars where gods felled titans. Many of the monstrous races that were created by the titans and gods during the war still survive in the gouged reaches of wildspace.
              You can see more of me at the Scarred Lands forum at The Piazza.