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  • Update or not update, that is the question

    Hi guys, I have a question for you. I heard that the Onyx Path was rewriting some "old stuff" like V:tM or M:tA. I didn't really care since, although I've been STing Vampire since 1992, I totally fell in love with the new Requiem edition of Vampire and the same thing went on for M:tAw. They are both absolutely fabulous. But now our valiant writers are doing it again ^^ with Scarred Lands, it makes me wonder: will they advance the Storyline ? Provide us with new stories ? New (or updated) settings ? Or will they "simply" dust off the old 3rd edition version?

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    It looks like it's been updated. I couldn't say how much the story has advanced, if at all, but things seemed to have changed more than a bit.


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      Several city-states seem to have appeared in the Gazeeter chapter (according to the preview we got through the Kickstarter)
      - Ironcourt
      - Leoni
      - Tu-Drog-Na
      - Walled Warren

      Walled Warren sounds like its related to the slitherin, and Leoni maybe to the manticora? Tu-Drog-Na sounds a little bit like Tir-Na-Nog, but it would be weird to have a kind of faerie city in the Scarred Lands.


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        Perhaps Eladrin? They seemed the more 'fey' kind of elf. Shadowrun used it as an elf place.


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          Its being updated to both Pathfinder and D&D 5e rules (D&D 5e rules are awesome).


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            Originally posted by nofather View Post
            Perhaps Eladrin? They seemed the more 'fey' kind of elf. Shadowrun used it as an elf place.
            I don't know, the setting has already plenty of very cool elven subraces, so I don't really see any need to add yet another elven subrace... Well, I guess we have to wait and see ^^


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              So, I got it. Apparently, Tu'Drog'Na is an orcish city in the plaines of Lede ^^

              Storywise, I am under the impression that they have added a few things here and there, but the main plot has not changed (as far as I can see). The main change is that some of the titanspawn races have started to "redeem" themselves, so they are divided between the usual titan's worshippers, and a "redeemed" that either worships the gods or at least is not a murderous bunch of crazy people. The new city states belong to these redeemed cultures (including one for the asaath). The ironcourt does not appear on the map as it actually is moving around (reminds me of Dier Drendal).

              Also, the hollow knights have found a way to magically "reproduce" themselves, by bonding a willing soul to a piece of armor. This results in the "hollow legionnaire" race (so hollow legionnaire are not hollow knights). This is very interesting, as it can become the source of a future divine conflict, since it can potentially mean that some souls remain on Scarn instead of going back to the realms of their respective gods. So this is very interesting I think.

              That's what I could grasp after a short overview. More details later when I'm reading through!


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                Thanks for your answers. No major plot developpment but a few adjustments here and there.
                And yes D&D5 rules are much better than their 3.x older version