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Integrating third party material

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  • Integrating third party material

    So I know pathfinder has lots and lots of third party material, I assume a similar holds true for 5th edition (although being newer, probably less).

    Which leaves me wondering- What third party stuff are you folks looking to integrate into the Scarred Lands? What would you like to integrate but you just don't think it would fit the fluff? What stuff did you intend to change the fluff to fit the sitting?

    Classes? Alternate magic systems?

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    DSP's psionics instead of Paizo's occult adventures

    ​SGG/RGG games Dragon riders for the Dragon lands.

    Frog God Games Tomb of horrors.

    Maybe Freeport from Green Ronin with some tweeks


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      Yes, I imagine that psionics will be a popular choice for the pathfinder crowd, being both popular in general and the setting explicitly having psychic powers.


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        When I was playing 3.X I was using quite a bit 3rd party resources (generally spells, items, monsters) if they were fitting the theme of the campaign or would make sense for some NPC to have (for example, for a Hollow-Faust necromancer NPC, I would use necromancy spells from all over the place, as long as they were fitting his/her guild). Or, If I liked a monster really a lot, I would find a way to use it and explain its presence in the Scarred Lands (spoiler alert, oftentime it's "a titan wanted to have fun" XD

        Currently, I'm running a 5E campaign. I'm using mostly homebrew materials, except for a couple of mcguffins that I borrowed from the Tome of Artifacts (a great book by Necromancer Games). I'm not using the stats themselves (because, well, 3.X and 5E are not really compatible), but the backstories are taken from the original sourcebook and then adapted to fit the setting and the campaign.

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          DMGUILD has a ton of resources for 5e, unofficial, but in this case I don't think that matters given its for a Scarn.


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            DSP's Psionics are a given for me. I would also implement DSP's Path of War material (my group would revolt against me if I didn't allow it). Many of the various combat styles could be easily mapped to different nations, Titans or Gods.

            Finally I would probably integrate Spheres of Power. I imagine I would set it up as a sort of Titan "Primal Magic" system originally created by Mesos, which has largely fallen out of use with the godly races today but is still widely practiced by the Titan races.


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              Yes, I'm a fan of spheres of power myself. I really like magic, but alas, endless lists of spells just makes my eyes glaze over.

              The fact that SoP comes with its own flavorful classes or can easily convert existing classes to it is a plus for this sort of thing.

              Are you thinking of going with the SoP classes, spherecaster versions of the regular classes, or both?


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                Factions from Exalted and World of Darkness dark ages.

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