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Pre-Election Day Coverage [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Pre-Election Day Coverage [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Beast Conquering Heroes art by Avery Butterworth



    We’ve all got enough of that going right now with the US presidential elections*– let’s talk about games instead!


    Today in the Monday Onyx Path Meetings, here’s what we were talking about:

    Monarchies of Mau and the 9 lives of cats.
    Some PoD issues, our recent books’ PoD proofs swirling around and around on the wait screen of eternity (I was able to order a couple today), and the glitching of the Exalted 3rd Charm Cards PoD versions (they are almost back up for sale as I write this).
    The relative value of game company forums. PS: we’re keeping ours right now; I mean*we just got a new chief administrator.
    Gen Con 2017. I know, really, so soon? Oh yes.
    Rose Bailey, our Development Producer, is thrilled with our re-built cadre of freelance editor-type people. She has spent the last several years building this roster of talent, so kudos!
    Getting our Extended Media crew up and running. Contracts and which fiction to ebook first and things like that.
    The different kinds of boxes and how to make a Deluxe or Prestige ...


    Onyx Path
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