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When In Doubt, Time To Play! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • When In Doubt, Time To Play! [Monday Meeting Notes]


    Things have gotten a little crazy here in the US over the last week, and I don’t know about all of you, but my need to work on game worlds and settings has been amped up. Not necessarily to retreat from the real world, but to recharge and to have a less confusing place to take a breath and get my thoughts together. Being lucky enough to create these worlds is how I do engage, but I’m sure a fair number of you also are feeling like playing and GMing.

    I didn’t draw all these over the last week, it took months, but here’s a couple of pics of my Pugmire characters wall in my office:


    Pugmire character sketches- a wall o’ dogs (and some cats).

    Some people like to look at dogs being cute on Facebook when stressed, I like to draw dogs in a fantasy game. What can I say?


    Next, we have a bit of good timing in that if you are looking for some game books to read as your stress-buster, as I just ordered the PoD proofs for ...


    Onyx Path
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