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Now Available: Shattered Dreams and Kinfolk in print!

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  • Now Available: Shattered Dreams and Kinfolk in print!

    Now available from DriveThruRPG in PDF and print:*Shattered Dreams!

    The Wars of Rage

    In the mists of prehistory, the werewolves worked alongside the other Changing Breeds to safeguard Gaia against the many threats to Her existence. The werewolves’ pride and their great Rage drove them to murder their cousins, leaving two Changing Breeds extinct and Gaia’s children forever broken. Millennia later, the twin lures of colonialism and conquest once again brought the shapeshifters into conflict, leading to the death of the Camazotz. Nobody knew quite what happened to spark the Wars of Rage, or what life was like when the Changing Breeds worked together, until now.

    The Past Laid Bare

    Shattered Dreams presents an in-depth look at the prehistory of the Changing Breeds, including both the threats they had to face before circumstances drove them to war and the War of Rage itself. Rather than one answer, it showcases many time periods and many ways in which the War could start, so that players and Storytellers can make prehistory their own. It also presents the circumstances surrounding the Second War of Rage, giving players ...


    Onyx Path
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